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Thursday Freedom Kicks: Moto Panacaku

U-23 roster news, partner clubs avoid bad things, and PTA fun.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Hi. Ben's not here today, so I'll be your links assistant. Hope I can brighten your day.

D.C. United U-23 Roster Released - Black And Red United: D.C. United's U-23 roster dropped and it looks pretty good.

Richmond Kickers 2-0 Virginia Beach City FC: Kickers advance in the US Open Cup - Black And Red United: In news from down 95, the Kickers win in Open Cup play, and the Jacksonville Armada come calling next week.

Howler Bulletin May 15: If you'll notice, a certain aging stadium is the stadium of the week. Jog on, City Council, no take backs.

Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland: SAFE!! - Roker Report: In partner club news, it may not have been pretty, but Sunderland's scoreless draw with Arsenal ensured the Gunners third place this year, but more importantly keeps the Black Cats up for another season, despite the draw being their 17th(!) of the year.

Cheat Sheets I: The Art of Commentary With BBC’s Nick Barnes | Eight by Eight: Speaking of Sunderland, a fascinating look at the call sheets of a man familiar with their calls on radio through the years.

Juventus vs. Lazio: Final score 2-1, Juventus lifts the Coppa Italia trophy after extra time - Juventus winning the Coppa Italia adds some intrigue. Should Barca defeat Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey Final a week before the Champions League Final with Juve, one of the two squads will leave Berlin with a treble.

Violence is killing Turkish football and no one is doing anything about it | Ugur Meleke | Football | The Guardian: This is a growing problem which is driving players away from all of the Turkish League, including its crown jewel clubs. Oy.

Southampton’s "Show Your Colours" kit launch video is brilliant | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: Onto lighter news, kudos to the Saints for this.

Soccer Analytics: Matthew Benham's Brentford, Midtjylland success - Planet Futbol - On the analytics tip, the man behind Stats Bomb comes out to talk to SI.

Letterman’s Head Writers Refect On The Time They Almost Killed Dave: Of all the remembrances of David Letterman, I liked this one the most.

Smack! New supercut explores the sound effects of Paul Thomas Anderson films · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club: I'm a PTA fanboy and don't care who knows it.

Hope you have a good day, and make sure to return your seats and tray tables to their upright and locked position.