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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS expansion, USMNT, & NWSL links for Wednesday May 20, 2015

In which we discuss hugs, a competition that's crazier than the CONCACAF Champions League, and accuse TFC of sabotage.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have anything for this section. Let me have my coffee while you read.

DC United: Model Breakers or Just Lucky? | American Soccer Analysis
Soccer's move towards more advanced analytics becoming a common talking point has seen United confound most "expected goals" models. Here's a good explanation as to why, particularly with regards to defending.

D.C. United looks forward with Facundo Coria | The Washington Post
Dave Kasper talked to Steve Goff about Coria's background and how, for example, he didn't end up signing with the Union.

In Pictures: Union 1-0 DC United | Philly Soccer Page
For those of you who want to relive an unpleasant Sunday night, here's a collection of photos from Earl Gardner. Included: A B&RU writer, as well as the Union's smallest player giving Markus Halsti a hug.

Minnesota United Statement on Stadium Proposal |

Poll: What do you think of the LAFC stadium location? | The Goat Parade
On the other hand, LAFC appear well on their way to getting their stadium done. Given their perpetual bungling of the less complicated art of social media, this is remarkable.

Are NYPD & Yankee Stadium security criminalizing soccer fandom? That's what it looks like. | Hudson River Blue
It's not exactly encouraging to hear this story - part of which is first-hand reporting - about Yankee Stadium security and the NYPD coming down on people doing stuff that we take for granted around RFK.

Jozy Altidore out for upcoming USMNT matches | SB Nation
I have two snarky comments, so you pick your favorite:

1. Toronto FC, this is why you can't have nice things.
2. Canada, how dare you sabotage Jozy before the Gold Cup. J'accuse!

NWSL Week 6 in review: Stolen points | SB Nation
The Washington Spirit's Francisca Ordega do her Luis Silva vs. Orlando/Chris Pontius vs. LA impression by scoring the game's only goal in stoppage time.

Copa Libertadores is awesome and Mexican teams amplify its insanity | SB Nation
Copa Lib is what the CCL would be if the teams were better, the federation were not a sad joke, but the unending chaos and emotion was amped up some. At the very least, watch the Jaguares-Junior video midway through.

Finally: Come by our tailgate on 5/30 before the game against the Philadelphia Union!