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Rising Expectations: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 15 May 2015

I think I liked it better when no one knew we were coming.

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Oh, the things you discover when you're writing Friday Freedom Kicks!  For example, did you know that the thesaurus provides no synonyms whatsoever for the word Friday?

ExtraTime Radio: DC United's Perry Kitchen on "luck," European interest and his US national team role |  Let's kick off with an interview with Sir Perry Kitchen himself.  I don't know anything about his personal life, but it would be kind of cool if he married, say, I'm gonna make up this name but she probably exists somewhere, Barbara Sink.  And they hyphenate.  And then, wait, that's not the punch line.  For kicks, they name their first child Everythingbut The.

MLS Week 10 Power Rankings: Did D.C. United Do Enough to Stay No. 1? | Bleacher Report:  The answer is yes.  But you can click the link to confirm that I'm telling you the truth.  Did you click it?  Why don't you trust me?  What did I do?  I had a girlfriend who once went through my bank records to see where I withdrew money from ATMs, to make sure I wasn't visiting my ex in the next town over.  That's what you're reminding me of.  Thanks a lot.

Kick Off: DC United keep rolling | ACC and USOC recaps | A glimpse of life as an MLS referee |  DC United is finally getting some props.  This means expectations are starting to rise.  I hate that.  It's like that time I was in a bar and somehow ended up telling a very attractive woman that I spoke German (I can't even remember why I said that), and she says, "Oh my god, you have to meet my coworker Max.  He's over at the table.  He's from Hanover - in Germany!"  And I only knew a few phrases from the back of a Fodor's travel guide.  Is DC United about to meet Max over at the table?

Bobby Boswell Leads D.C. United to Best Start in Franchise History - The Sports Journal:  See?  More props.  Pressure increasing.  Cue my inner Tweek.

Top four Philadelphia Union moments against DC United - Brotherly Game:  Our pals at the Brotherly Game show us the world through their eyes.  It's not pretty at all.  Not unlike that time Eric Cartman closed his eyes to see what was inside his mind.

Steven Gerrard looking forward to taking it easy in MLS for a few years | For The Win:  Steven Gerrard envisions his typical day in MLS the same way Ron Livingston describes his typical day at Initech.

How to Get Away with Blackmail in MLS - LAG Confidential:  It's not what you think.  Okay, maybe it is.  It's another critique of the Theatre of the Absurd known as "The Discovery List."

Four MLS stadiums chosen as Olympic qualifying sites -  RFK is not one of them.

Sepp Blatter among Fifa candidates ‘failing to engage on human rights’ | Football | The Guardian:  Sepp Blatter engaging on human rights would be like me speaking German with Max, or attempting to play the bagpipes.

Women's World Cup -- Germany team preview - ESPN:  ESPN is running a series previewing the Women's World Cup Groups.  Here's the one with Germany in it.

Vergüenza en la Bombonera: hinchas de Boca le tiraron gas pimienta a los jugadores de River y el partido se suspendió - Boca Juniors -  A disaster of epic proportions.  The Bombonera between Boca Juniors and River Plate has been marred by hooligans hitting players with pepper gas as they came out for the second half.  A few of the players were burned. The match was suspended, while officials took over an hour to figure out what to do.  Then they decided no more game tonight.  The players couldn't even safely get off the field without a massive police escort to shield them from projectiles.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this montage of final moments from a ton of films.

What say you?