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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Farewell, DeRo, and thanks

DeRo announces his retirement, those New York teams insist on the term derby, and Unnamed Atlanta MLS Team might not be unnamed much longer.

Ned Dishman/Getty Images

Soccer? Soccer.

Canadian, MLS legend Dwayne De Rosario announces end of playing career on Instagram post |
Thanks for everything, man.

Zusi suffered a concussion in DC collision - The Blue Testament
Got a sweet bandage-headband out of it, though. (Okay obviously I'm kidding and concussions are a serious thing.)

Guest column: NWSL and women's soccer are in the game - The Washington Post
Really liked this article, and looking forward to more.

New York derby: Red Bulls defeat NYCFC in first meeting - Planet Futbol -
"'This felt different,' Red Bulls captain Dax McCarty said. 'There were people in the stands, it was loud.'" So it's not a high bar you're setting, then.

Atlanta owner Arthur Blank hoping to unveil club's name before CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals in July |
Please don't let it be stupid please don't let it be stupid please don't let it be stupid

Klinsmann: I want USA to play a proactive style -
Q: What are the best qualities of American players? A: The players are open minded and hungry. They want to learn. They are like sponges.

Report: Poconos in running as new site for National Soccer Hall of Fame |
Okay, but if that doesn't work out and all that stuff just keeps sitting in that warehouse, can we donate or loan some of it to the Museum of American History please because they don't have, like, any soccer stuff. (Believe me, I've seen all that there is. There is not a lot.)

Robbie Keane urges support of same-sex marriage in Ireland | Fusion
Tip of the hat to you, sir.

Pep Guardiola retains Bayern Munich faith despite recent difficulties - ESPN FC
It's fine, Bayern are gonna beat Barcelona 5-0.

Also, this looks like a trailer for a riveting documentary about a powerful, totally corrupt dictator and/or cult leader, which, accurate:

What else, folks?