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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Imma let you finish, but Ben Olsen is the best coach to watch on the sidelines in MLS

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An assortment of mostly MLS things, including DC United's new DP, probably, maybe, one day.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Look, it's a struggle bus Tuesday, so I make no promises for the quality of these Freedom Kicks.

MLS Power Rankings Week 5: Whitecaps overcome LA; Porter v Pareja - Planet Futbol -
Re: Porter v. Pareja: "It's refreshing to see a coach not restrained by the stitching on his designer suits—somebody whose real-time reactions overwhelm the suffocating notion of "class" that permeates so much of American sports."

The MLS Wrap: Caleb Porter-Oscar Pareja incident brings much-needed passion to MLS sidelines -
To be honest, not sure I agree that we necessarily need more of this, although it is entertaining. There's a difference between passion and just kind of being an ass.

Champions League: Is 2-0 safe? See what history has to say about Montreal Impact's final chances |
Whyyyy couldn't we advance in the CCL. Whyyyyyy.

The Colorado Rapids’ attack is sinking to historic lows | The 91st Minute
Maybe we've only scored three goals this season, but at least we haven't goals.

NWSL teams balance 2015 schedule and absences with Women’s World Cup - The Washington Post
I don't really have anything to say about this other than, yeah, it sucks to lose players during your league's season. Especially when those players are USWNT quality.

The Other Football: Does the U.S. men'€™s national team need a full-time home? | Fox News Latino
Meh. Also, good job leaving the USWNT completely out of this article.

PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic applies for U.S. visa amid MLS links - report - ESPN FC
Get on it, Benny.

Soccer-Striker Fred slams state championships after red card - Yahoo Sports
"Football in Rio is over. It's done." Ugh, I wanted to make a joke about that happening when Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup but that obviously didn't happen in Rio. But I still clearly needed to tell everyone about the joke I wanted to make.

What else you got? Go nuts in the comments.