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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Imma let you finish, but Ben Olsen is the best coach to watch on the sidelines in MLS

An assortment of mostly MLS things, including DC United's new DP, probably, maybe, one day.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Look, it's a struggle bus Tuesday, so I make no promises for the quality of these Freedom Kicks.

MLS Power Rankings Week 5: Whitecaps overcome LA; Porter v Pareja - Planet Futbol -
Re: Porter v. Pareja: "It's refreshing to see a coach not restrained by the stitching on his designer suits—somebody whose real-time reactions overwhelm the suffocating notion of "class" that permeates so much of American sports."

The MLS Wrap: Caleb Porter-Oscar Pareja incident brings much-needed passion to MLS sidelines -
To be honest, not sure I agree that we necessarily need more of this, although it is entertaining. There's a difference between passion and just kind of being an ass.

Champions League: Is 2-0 safe? See what history has to say about Montreal Impact's final chances |
Whyyyy couldn't we advance in the CCL. Whyyyyyy.

The Colorado Rapids’ attack is sinking to historic lows | The 91st Minute
Maybe we've only scored three goals this season, but at least we haven't goals.

NWSL teams balance 2015 schedule and absences with Women’s World Cup - The Washington Post
I don't really have anything to say about this other than, yeah, it sucks to lose players during your league's season. Especially when those players are USWNT quality.

The Other Football: Does the U.S. men'€™s national team need a full-time home? | Fox News Latino
Meh. Also, good job leaving the USWNT completely out of this article.

PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic applies for U.S. visa amid MLS links - report - ESPN FC
Get on it, Benny.

Soccer-Striker Fred slams state championships after red card - Yahoo Sports
"Football in Rio is over. It's done." Ugh, I wanted to make a joke about that happening when Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup but that obviously didn't happen in Rio. But I still clearly needed to tell everyone about the joke I wanted to make.

What else you got? Go nuts in the comments.