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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Berni > you

In which there's a lovable bear mascot, and also some other things, maybe.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Ah, Tuesday. We meet again.

Michael Bradley maintains faith in Toronto FC despite lackluster start - Planet Futbol -
Well, someone should.

Red Bulls shine against Galaxy as tenor of '1% derby' changes | Sport | The Guardian
Am I woefully out of touch? Had no idea anyone ever called this the "1% derby." To be fair, though, I don't go out of my way to read about either the Red Bulls or the Galaxy.

Impact acquires goalkeeper Kristian Nicht through transfer | Montreal Impact
Oh, uh. Okay, then. This is gonna have to count as today's German soccer link.

In praise of Bruce Arena | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog
We can talk about Bruce Arena, or we can talk about how Bradford Jamieson IV is, like, the flyest name.

Crystal Dunn shows scoring spirit in NWSL - The Washington Post
I see what you did there.

ASN article: Nepal Soccer Coach Shares Shocking Stories, Photos
"I've contacted most of my players," Stefanowski said. "There are some I haven't heard back from."

Grassroots Through The Concrete - Howler Magazine
On Detroit City FC.

Broadcasting is Final Piece to MLS Puzzle | Soccerex
Yo, writer of this article, pro tip: When writing on the internet, make your paragraphs shorter.

Does Hazard compare to Messi and Ronaldo - ESPN FC
For the stat-minded among you, which is not me so I didn't really read this so sorry if it sucks.

Report: Qatar spent $27 billion in pursuit of the 2022 World Cup | Fusion

Soccer-Atalanta's Denis banned for punching rival in dressing-room - Yahoo Sports
Dude, wtf.

Someone made a video of every Freddy Adu touch for KuPS - Stars and Stripes FC
Er, you're welcome, I guess?

I leave you with this, which can also be your dose of German soccer for the day, because BERNI(!):