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Unsanctioned Undergarments: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 24 April 2015

What foreign players think of MLS, what foreign viewers think of MLS, and what we think when they think that.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Coming to you live from the dry-wall-enclosed nerve center of Friday Freedom Kicks is...

Friday Freedom Kicks!

Dykstra steps in, weighs in on D.C. United's direction | D.C. United:  Dykstra is capable of great things.  We saw that last year when he needed to sub in for Hamid for a few weeks.  Erase Costa Rica from memory, and he has done well overall.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. D.C. United | MLS MatchCenter:  Maybe later in the day there will be more of a preview at this link than there is at press time.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC not rushing Cristian Techera in action -  The Whitecaps have a loaner from Uruguay, but we're not likely to see him this weekend.

Notes from Curtin’s presser, Fernando on adjusting to MLS, big Impact road goal in CCL, terrible new USWNT’s first kit, more - Philly Soccer Page:  The Union's Fernando Aristeguieta complains about MLS referees:  " Venezuela and France the same contact wins you a foul.  If you win a foul, you get something for the team.  Here, you receive more contact and don't get anything from it."  Hint:  dive harder.

Why it's so hard for foreign players to adjust to Major League Soccer | Fusion:  This article lists six factors that affect whether a foreign player succeeds at MLS.

TV flaws reveal MLS minor league status - RTÉ Sport:  Phew, boy!  Read this one!  Now that MLS is being broadcast overseas, we're getting some overseas critiques.  The Irish apparently think we're overzealous and too excitable.

Future MLS team seeing fan interest soar | Star Tribune:  Speaking of excitable.

Orlando stadium situation highlights continued problems for MLS with taxpayer funded facilities | World Soccer Talk:  This article runs through all the difficulties teams are having securing new soccer stadiums with taxpayer support, but it doesn't mention DC United apparently because we don't fit the narrative.

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Targeting MLS Move to Los Angeles | Bleacher Report:  LOLLAFC.

MLS Disciplinary Committee suspends, fines Chad Marshall, Marcelo Sarvas, warns Charlie Davies |  I once revealed an unsanctioned undergarment.  Long story.

MLS's worst team keeps defying odds in CONCACAF Champions League final | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports:  Nice videos of the goals from the Montreal-America match.  Next week, we are all Quebecois.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this rather cruel prank video played on a Shiba Inu in Japan.  It's in Japanese, but you'll figure it out.

So what, so what, so whatchya got?  (So whatchya got?)