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D.C. United transfer news and rumors: Wilson Palacios Rumors Won't Die, They Only Multiply

Whomever's doing this needs to stop. Oh wait...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

From a lonely tweet yesterday (I mean, it WAS 4/20 after all), now apparently folks in the Catracho press are starting to attach Honduras national team and Stoke City midfielder Wilson Palacios to D.C. United.

On the surface, a guy who played in the past at Tottenham (and apparently drew quick interest from Manchester United at one point) sounds intriguing, but digging a little deeper, you'll see that Palacios was going to go to Qatar before failing a medical, and his last game for Stoke was more than a year ago in a loss to Chelsea.

There may be the remote chance that D.C. makes an offer or at least gives him a trial/loan offer in the hopes he finds his form. To the credit of the media in Honduras, saying that Palacios is on a free and D.C. will only buy guys on a free makes sense. And having a guy who may be sort of ready to go as a CDM gives D.C. room to put Markus Halsti as a center back should Steve Birnbaum's injury be longer than expected and they find themselves disappointed in Kofi Opare. They could even be finding themselves in a position of selling someone to free up additional moneys. Consider that D.C. is liable to have Eddie Johnson's contract come off the books, they're starting to find themselves attached to any international striker on a free at this point (more on that later).

In the meantime, we'll still get things like this. Now go, enjoy your dinner, now that I have crapped all over it.