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Monday Freedom Kicks: Costa Ricans > Montreal Impact

We look at D.C. United's opening day win, ponder Mayor Cuauhtemoc Blanco and squeeze as much juice from the CBA lemon that runs down our leg.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, I would imagine a Costa Rican player scoring against the Montreal Impact is something we are all going to get used to over the next several weeks, right? Right.

Recaps of D.C. United's win over the Impact from usGoffMLSProSoccerTalkCSN WashingtonGoal.comUnitedMania and DSP.

Projecting the 2015 Major League Soccer season | Soccermetrics Research, LLC: Analytics predicting finishes of the teams in Year 20? Sure, I'll check it.

When will Arsenal's Gedion Zelalem reach his high expectations? - Planet Futbol - Thoughts on everyone's favorite shiny new toy from his owner.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco is running for mayor of Cuernavaca - Interesting. Wonder what the voters' position is on domestic violence.

MLS and the great technical director gamble | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: An interesting take on former MLS talent on sidelines and other front office roles.

How the YNT revolution shaped U.S. soccer | Club Soccer | Youth Soccer: More from TDS, this time on how how United States team evolved in the 80s(!)

Why USL Holds the Key to Major League Soccer’s Future | Eight by Eight: or perhaps I'll call this "how Sacramento is going to get an MLS franchise".

The Old Firm, Rangers vs. Celtic, remains a derby like no other - ESPN FC: The excellent Chris Jones checked out the most recent match between Celtic and Rangers, and wrote about it like only he can.

Mauro Icardi penalty earns Inter late draw against Napoli - ESPN FC: In partner club news, Icardi's late penalty saves a point against Napoli and keeps Inter in 10th on their apparent 107th anniversary.

Now, for a section I'll call "CBA Leftovers":

How War Hawks, Doves and moderates drove the discussion over the MLS CBA | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: More still from TDS, this time on the popular topic.

MLS union chief says players almost went on strike - The Washington Post: Goff gets quotes from Bob Foose.

MLS CBA deal Bob Foose Todd Dunivant - Planet Futbol - So does Brian Straus.

How Major League Soccer owners and players agreed a CBA, avoided a strike - ESPN FC: Jeff Carlisle's exceptional work on the CBA, with some more detail.

The Athlete Story | MLS CBA Reaction: Former FC Dallas player Bobby Warshaw on his impressions of it.

Errol Morris Week ": Grantland has been running shorts from the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker on various sports topics, some of which you know but considering Morris' resume, are all worth your time. In related sports film links:

The 12 Best MLS Short Films Streaming Online Right Now | Eight by Eight: None are D.C. United related, a couple are Cascadia focused and most are generally fun.

So is the snow all melted yet?