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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, USMNT, NWSL, and MLS links for Wednesday March 25, 2015

Eminent domain, work permits, over-training, and formulas on spreadsheets: All the stuff you love about soccer, and none of that pesky ball-kicking!

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

I'm writing this intro after eating probably three too many Oreos, so let's just get to the links while I reconsider this and other life decisions:

Bowser Hints at Eminent Domain Use for D.C. United Stadium, With Negotiations Still Unfinished | Washington City Paper
And you thought the stadium issue was settled. Don't fear: This doesn't appear to be something that will ruin anything. Yet. I've seen enough horror movies to know that you relax on the canoe and then this happens.

D.C. United’s Miguel Aguilar sidelined by work permit issues | The Washington Post
Good news! The mystery of Miguel Aguilar being scratched from the squad Sunday has been solved. Bad news: He's having work permit issues that mean he can't even train with United, and while Dave Kasper used the phrase "sooner rather than later" in this Steve Goff piece we still have to acknowledge that this is an open-ended problem.

Oh, and Markus Halsti will be out for three more weeks. Early arrivals at Lot 8 Saturday might want to bring their shinguards and firm-ground shoes in case the club incurs any more injuries.

Jose Villarreal passes on U.S Under-23 call-up to further solidify midfield spot with the LA Galaxy |
LA has a bunch of guys unavailable for the weekend, so Jose Villarreal is staying put to face United.

Hamstring Strain Sidelines U.S. captain Clint Dempsey for Europe Friendlies |
I am Jason's complete lack of surprise.

There is a chance that Dempsey pulled his hamstring despite normal and reasonable training choices, but at this point Klinsmann's methods are in "guilty until proven innocent" territory. I hate to say it, but a big part of me is glad no one from United got called into this camp.

We're waiting for the USMNT to do anything encouraging | SB Nation
I co-sign everything Kevin McCauley is saying here. I would love to have a reason to not take on a sarcastic or outright hostile tone whenever writing about the USMNT.

Washington Spirit sign Nigerian forward Francisca Ordega |
Ordega had been playing with Pitea IF in Sweden, but she'll now be in the running for minutes up front for the Spirit.

Orlando City news: Injury updates as Lions prep for Montreal | Orlando Sentinel
Before you go complaining too much about United's lack of available players, take note that Orlando City is looking at a 16-man squad this weekend, three of whom are goalkeepers.

How data, not humans, run this Danish football club | De Correspondent
This is a really cool piece about Denmark's FC Midtjylland, who are using statistical models to determine what players to sign (among other things). The section on defensive midfielder Tim Sparv is especially fascinating.

Can the Cosmos Really Manage to Destroy the NASL Twice? |
Bill Archer sees serious trouble ahead for the NASL, who are on a losing streak when it comes to getting into and/or keeping big markets that dates back to being beaten out in Oklahoma City and extends to today's announcement concerning Minnesota United being "promoted."

New kid on the Development Academy block: Who and what is Baltimore Armour? | Soccerwire
This is an interesting piece from Charles Boehm on the balkanized Baltimore soccer scene and how former United player/current United broadcaster Santino Quaranta is part of an effort to restore Maryland's status in the youth soccer world.