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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Get your soccer-inspired band names here

USWNT, that Howler article, MLS expansion, World Cup 2022, and other things from which to draw inspiration for your next musical endeavor.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Insert your intro here, or just go straight to the links, folks.

Dure: Will Twitter and TMZ swamp women’s soccer? — Soccer Wire
Isn't it crazy how times change? The internet! Social media! Millennials! In all seriousness, this was an interesting article. I don't think there's anything revolutionary said here—women's soccer gets increased visibility today thanks to the media, as well as increased scrutiny—but worth a read anyway.

On "The Miami Connection" and responses to it
You probably saw the article in Howler already (but here you go if you still need to get caught up). Now you should read Howler editor/founder George Quraishi's tweets defending the article—because apparently it needed to be defended. #journalism (By the way, The Miami Connection, good name for your band.)

Minnesota United to be granted MLS expansion slot on Wednesday - Planet Futbol -
Obligatory comment about their awesome crest.

Empire XI: Decentralized Philosophy Backfiring for NASL - Empire of Soccer
Speaking of the NASL.

Development Academy Announces Four New Clubs for 2015-16 Season - U.S. Soccer
American soccer development. Cool cool cool.

Armchair Analyst: San Jose Earthquakes make a statement, interpretation of space & more Week 3 thoughts |
Interpreters of Space, also a good name for your band.

Just what makes an MLS derby? - Back Page Football Back Page Football
To be perfectly honest, I thought this was kind of a weak article. But an interesting discussion to have, maybe? Um, not sure I agree that there was "some apathy towards the [DC-NY] game and its importance."

Back where it all started, Kei Kamara embracing return to Columbus Crew SC |
Mostly what I learned from this is that 1) sometimes it's worth watching the videos that accompany articles, and 2) DCU need better goal celebrations.

FIFA May Regret a Qatar World Cup After All - The New Yorker

Sepp Blatter says protesting sporting events doesn't work. Sepp Blatter is wrong. | Fusion
Sepp Blatter is wrong about so, so many things.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: Julian Green has the quality to play for Bayern Munich -
IF RUMMENIGGE SAYS IT, IT MUST BE TRUE. I'm only half-joking tbh.

Reports indicate Argos set to sign BMO Field lease - Waking The Red
Argonauts is an awesome name—Toronto FC really pales in comparison. (Argonauts, also also a good name for your band.)

What else is up? Any good band name ideas?