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New York Red Bulls 2-0 D.C. United: The Game in GIFs

In which we cherrypick stuff to wax nostalgic about, but mostly self-flagellation.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

With D.C. United losing to the New York Red Bulls 2-0, we've tried to put together some moments that mattered, or at least moments that will make you feel like the match wasn't a complete poop show. So take your medicine, as I hope the players in Black and Red will do.

We start with Perry Kitchen upsetting Felipe Martins enough to stop the first Red Bulls opportunity. Replays that we don't have access to do far more justice to Kitchen's work here, because it was admirable.

Kitchen Backtrack

Then you have the first goal, and poor communication on it from Steve Birnbaum and Bobby Boswell, the latter doing some sort of interpretive dance after Bradley Wright-Phillips was able to settle the ball down.


A similar quicker chance later found Wright-Phillips walking right back the starting centerback pairs. Um, guys?


Not to beat the drum again in terms of defenders out of position, but at least Birnbaum has some wheels, right? And Felipe chili-dipping the finish a little saved this from being a goal.


Moving onto the second and the second goal. Perhaps not the best past from Nick DeLeon, but Arnaud, a veteran who turned the ball over in possession 10 minutes before, is forced off the ball by Felipe (pause to consider that), and the result being Lloyd Sam scoring on Bill Hamid for the other goal in the game. I really, REALLY this doesn't become a recurring trend, particularly when there is no capable midfield talent with eyes to distribution right now, but man alive.


Finally, here is perhaps the most attractive spell of possession that D.C. United had, leading to a chance where no one else was around to hammer in the rebound. Such is life when one of your two substitutes was a fullback, I guess.


Here's hoping the moments that mattered next week are a lot more attractive.