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New York Red Bulls 2-0 D.C. United: Player Ratings

In which we score the Black and Red's second game.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

After an effort where D.C. United squeaked past the Montreal Impact two weeks ago, the Black and Red dropped their second game to the New York Red Bulls in a 2-0 loss that was a frustrating one. With that in mind, on to your subjective scores!

Bill Hamid - 5.5

Was left out to dry on the first goal, but appeared to cheat on the second goal and paid the price for it.

Chris Korb - 5

Was decent defensively though when he would come forward, you could sense the Red Bulls flipping through the page in the Chris Korb book that talks about him crossing over to put the ball back onto his right foot for pass/cross/shot.

Bobby Boswell - 5.5

Boswell's game improved as it went on, and his distribution out of the back was a little better than expected. That said, this is the second time in four matches that he and his center back partner have left an attacker open to eventually create a goal. When you pride yourself on organizing a back line, this is something that you need to be remedying pronto.

Steve Birnbaum - 5.5

Better (or at least more accurate) passing from Birnbaum compared to Boswell, and had a couple of backtracking chances to close down a couple of Metro attackers whom had opportunities who were shut down quickly. Among the folks in back was the best of the bunch, which isn't saying much.

Sean Franklin - 5.5

Better passing on his side compared to Korb and in a slightly more advanced position than him. Was more active defensively to boot, a slight redemption for the right back celebrating his 30th birthday.

Chris Rolfe - 6

Led the team in shots, didn't pass the ball to many white jerseys and backtracked when he could, and the offense got better (at least as much as it could in a game like this) when he moved up to a partnership of sorts with Arrieta.

Davy Arnaud - 4.5

Got the ball out to the wings on both sides, defensive play was active, drew the penalty late despite its irrelevance, That said, turned the ball over twice on a couple of inexcusable positions, the second of which resulted in the Red Bulls' second goal. If the season is reliant on Arnaud as offensive dynamo, oof. Markus Halsti, Marcus Allen, whomever, come to midfield.

Perry Kitchen - 5

Whether it was passing or defensive plays, Kitchen was doing what he could, but seemed quietly and consistently a step behind most plays for most of the night, though an early first half backtrack to disrupt Felipe Martins was the sex.

Then there's this, which may have Kitchen and Fabian Espindola return at the same time next month:

Nick DeLeon - 5.5

A bit of a downgrade from last time, distribution was decent even when he decided to tuck in a bit. Starting to run into an invisible wall when he gets about 25 yards in and he needs to start finding his other options sooner.

Chris Pontius - 5.5

It's slightly hard to score Party Boy for this game. On one hand, he was more involved than his forward partner, on the other, some of this activity occurred after switching with Rolfe to left midfield in the second half. Had a couple shots, but excludes the penalty kick he skied. Did turn in his first 90 minute effort since the end of 2013, which is encouraging, even if there were no other valid attacking options on the bench to spell him.

Jairo Arrieta - 5.5

Tried to be the spark but did little to rattle the inexperienced Red Bulls back line and had one shot on target in his 66 minutes. A noticeable drop from Week 1.

Conor Doyle (Sub) - 4

Came on for Arrieta and did less in a position where more was required of him compared to last time. Get well soon Luis Silva and Michael Seaton.

Taylor Kemp (Sub) - 5

Came on for Korb as a second sub. Considering the bench hardly a surprise, did okay and hopefully felt good in his first action back en route to a start next week.

Man of the Match

Not really much to rave about, will go for Rolfe as the "Least Bad" of the bunch.