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Throwback Thursday: D.C. United's weirdest success in New Jersey

D.C. United waited until the last possible moment to rip out the Red Bulls' heart in the team's last ever matchup at the Meadowlands.

On this week's walk down memory lane, we hop a trip to New Jersey, for D.C. United's eventful final visit to Giants Stadium/the Meadowlands, back in 2009. With apologies to Stefon, this match had everything: Louis Crayton swinging wildly at crosses he had no chance to reach, Marc Burch getting skinned, Juan Pablo Angel heading a ball at the back post. And, of course, a stoppage-time Atlantic Cup game-winner for the Black-and-Red over the New York Red Bulls.

This is a tough game to forget - and not just because of Tony Limarzi's legendary call on the radio broadcast - United squandered a first-half lead (delivered by Rodney Wallace) and entered the 90th minute down a goal to the Metros. Luciano poached a goal off a ball over the top to level things. Then it got weird. Boyzzz Khumalo (Yes, that is the correct spelling, and it's pronounced like the city in Idaho.) beat the Red Bull 'keeper to a ball and tapped it away. He promptly overran the ball and spun to take his shot. Only he slipped on the turf and managed only a weak rolling "shot," which luckily went right into the path of Chris Pontius, who did what Chris Pontius does to the Red Bulls.

It was a surprise happy ending in a year that could have used more. Enjoy the highlights above, and get ready for Sunday's trip up north.