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Fantasy Focus: Loose Morales

And also, new salary adjustment rules explained.

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Something that escaped me in the examination of Fantasy MLS this season is the new way in which salary changes are implemented. In the past it was all about adds and drops, but this year it's about performance in relation to positional average. It was covered in the comments, but take it away, fantasy dot major league soccer soccer dot com:

A player's price will change if their match score significantly differs from the average match score of other players in the same position. This average score is calculated on a round basis and only includes players who played at least 45 minutes.

To fall in value a player must play at least 45 minutes in a match.

Irrespective of minutes played a player will fall $0.2 if he receives a red card in a match. This fall is in addition to any other price changes.

The price changes are per match. Players playing multiple times in a round can potentially fall or rise mutliple times.

There is no sell-on fee. You will receive the current market value of the player.

You won't be able to buy or sell players until the transfer window opens at the end of the round.

So that settles that. No longer is there an advantage to getting in early with transfers before the market affects the salary.

Alright, onto actual scoring. The leader this round, and new overall leader, is Poor Man's Porales, who scored 78 points. Clint Dempsey (SEA, $11.3) scored a goal for an armband-aided 16 points to lead the team, while Blas Perez (DAL, $9.3) scored two goals and 12 points to back him up. Four players scored 8 points each -- Octavio Rivero (VAN, $8.6), Rafael Ramos (ORL, $5.5), Kendall Waston (VAN, $8.6), and Steve Clark (CLB, $5.6). Rivero scored a goal, and the remaining three each had clean sheets.

Before we get on to the positional leaders, don't forget to join the B&RU classic league (code: 323-663) and head-to-head league (code: 323-2163). Be champions.

Positional Leaders


Chris Seitz (DAL, $5.1) saved a penalty on the way to 9 points and the positional lead. Steve Clark's 8 points were matched by David Ousted (VAN, $5.5), who earned a clean sheet.


Waylon Francis (CLB, $6.6) assisted on a goal in addition to posting a clean sheet to score 11 points. Steven Beitashour (VAN, $7.7) posted 10 points on a clean sheet and assist of his own, while both Hernan Grana (CLB, $6.6) and Sean St. Ledger (ORL, $7.6) earned a clean sheet and 9 points.


RSL's Javier Morales ($10.7)  scored 15 points on a goal, an assist, and a whopping 5 bonus points to lead all midfielders and all players. Meanwhile, FC Dallas teammates Fabian Castillo ($9.7) and Michel ($9.2) each scored 10 points. Castillo scored a goal and assisted another while Michel posted two assists.


Four forwards scored 12 points this week -- Blas Perez, David Villa (NYC, $10.2), Fanendo Adi (POR, $9.2), and Chris Wondolowski (SJ, $10.7). Wondolowski and Adi each scored twice, and Villa scored a goal and added an assist.

Looking Ahead

D.C. United is back in action, while four more teams are on unnecessary byes: Columbus, RSL, Seattle, and Toronto. Between the two teams who have played twice and haven't scored this season, New England and Chicago, only the latter is on the road, so use David Bingham (SJ, $5.0) in goal as the Earthquakes host the Fire in the first regular season match at Avaya Stadium. Among the defenders, I like Zach Loyd (DAL, $7.6) on the road at Philadelphia. The top two leading midfielders are on bye (Dempsey, Morales), so take #3, Benny Feilhaber (SKC, $9.2) at home against Portland, and take Blas Perez as your forward.

Everyone's Adding: G - Chris Seitz (+328), D - Rafael Ramos (+304), M - Jose Villareal (LA, $6.2, +675), F - Blas Perez (+316)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Stefan Frei (SEA, $5.5, -93), D - Tyrone Mears (SEA, $7.0, -144), M - Lamar Neagle (SEA, $8.5, -220), F - Jozy Altidore (TOR, $9.6, -292)