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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: MLS ballin', USWNT not really ballin'

Aguilar cannot be contained, and neither can articles about MLS opening weekend.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Whaddup, soccer friends. Still adjusting to springing forward? Yeah, me too. Here are some links, though, which might improve your morning.

Miguel Aguilar has no time for getting knocked off the ball - Black And Red United
Remember this moment from Saturday's game? Yeah you do. What rocked about it, aside from it being an awesome play from Aguilar, is that everyone in the stands loved it. Betta recognize.

USA disappoint with goalless draw against Iceland at the Algarve Cup | FOX Sports
This game wasn't televised (sigh), so you'll just have to take the internet's word for it. But 0-0 against Iceland (if you click through, you'll see their coach said the USWNT should have "trashed" them) is, indeed, disappointing going into a final against a France team that bested us just one month ago. Anyway, that final is tomorrow at noon, and it will be televised. Look for the gamethread a few hours before kickoff.

Your snobby friend who loves Liverpool was wrong; MLS opening weekend was awesome | For The Win
I know you don't need anyone to tell you that MLS is awesome, but it's still kind of nice to hear, isn't it?

Armchair Analyst: In praise of the Y midfield, World Cup heroes dominate & other Week 1 thoughts |
You're not done talking about opening weekend yet, right?

The MLS Grinder: In with concussive force | The 91st Minute

MLS Power Rankings Week 1: West powers LA, Seattle start strongly - Planet Futbol -
Spoiler alert, DCU ranked sixth.

20 Best Tweets about Orlando City vs. NYCFC :: Soccer :: Galleries :: Paste
These were good tweets. Good job, Twitter.

Kaka's last-minute heroics a fitting beginning for Orlando City - ESPN FC
Honestly, you should click this just for the shot of Aurelien Collin's face after he got red carded.

Europe is missing the full essence of Mix | Soccer Gods
I really just cannot get over Mix's tweets, though. I want to know what he is thinking when he tweets his nonsense.

Bundesliga found lacking in humour as fun gets sucked out of German football | Raphael Honigstein | Football | The Guardian
Well, this was sad. I like my German soccer not sad.

And, finally, this is a lovely video:

What else is happening? Go nuts in the comments.