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Fantasy Focus: The Deuce is Loose

As usual, deuces are wild, and what the heck is happening with the Fantasy site?

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Before we get into Fantasy Focus, I want to address a few of the problems with fantasy this year that I am sure you are experiencing. 1) Having to click four times to make a substitution is one of the worst things to pop up in this iteration. It used to be a one-click drag-and-drop, and now it's sort of cumbersome. 2) Usually once the round has begun, I go to make my transfers for the next round before the prices start to fluctuate. This time I was greeted with what amounts to a transfer embargo until 9am today, so I presume it will be 9am the first day after the round ends. That's not a big problem for the purposes of playing, but it makes the final section of this column, Everyone's Adding/Dropping, difficult because I usually write this on Monday afternoon or evening, and that means just a few hours of transfers will go into that. It's not great, but so be it. 3) Lastly, in the hour between the time the transfer window opened and when I logged in, Aurelien Collin and Matt Besler had dropped $0.4 in price, which is crazy in such a short time, especially considering I can't remember a player increasing or decreasing that much in a whole week. That's something to monitor as the season progresses. Okay, onto the regularly scheduled column.

The leader this round and overall is Indefatigable, with 98 points. Jozy Altidore (TOR, $9.7) was captain and led the team with 30 points on the strength of two goals. Well behind him we find Obafemi Martins (SEA, $11.2) with 11 points on a goal and an assist, and the 10-point-scoring duo of Steve Birnbaum (DCU, $7.6) and Chad Marshall (SEA, $8.6), who each earned clean sheets.

Positional Leaders


The goalkeepers were led by both Nick Rimando (RSL, $6.1) and Tyler Deric (HOU, $5.1) who earned clean sheets and 9 points. Tied for third were Clint Irwin (COL, $5.1) and DCU's Bill Hamid ($6.1), who each earned clean sheets and 8 points.


Omar Gonzalez (LA, $9.2) paced the defenders with 11 points on a clean sheet and an assist. Five defenders followed closely behind with 10 points: Birnbaum, Marshall, Moises Hernandez (DAL, $6.6), Tyrone Mears (SEA, $7.1), and Ike Opara (SKC, $7.1). Hernandez and Mears earned a clean sheet and added an assist, and Opara scored a goal. The remainder of D.C. defenders consist of Bobby Boswell ($9.1) with 9 points, Chris Korb ($5.6) with 8, and Sean Franklin ($8.0) with 7.


Seattle's Clint Dempsey ($11.2) led all players with 18 points on two goals and an assist. Well behind him was Benny Feilhaber (SKC, $9.2) with 10 points and an assist, and the pair of Mix Diskerud (NYC, $9.1), who is listed just as Mix for some reason, and Kaka (ORL, $11.1), each of whom scored a goal and 9 points. For United, Davy Arnaud led the midfield ($6.6) with 8 points; while Chris Rolfe ($8.6) scored 7; the trio of Nick DeLeon ($6.5), Perry Kitchen ($7.5), and Chris Pontius ($7.0) scored 3; and both Miguel Aguilar ($5.0) and Michael Farfan ($6.5) appeared for 1 point.


Jozy Altidore's 15 points led all forwards, and Obafemi Martins scored 11 points to come in second. DCU's Jairo Arrieta ($6.6) scored a goal and 9 points. Conor Doyle ($5.5) was the other point-scoring United forward, with 1 point.

Looking Ahead

For some ridiculous reason, for the next two weeks there are four teams on bye. This week, it's DCU, Colorado, Montreal, and the Red Bulls. I didn't like the look of Orlando's offense against NYC, so I'm all in on Tyler Deric at home for the Dynamo. In defense, have a look at Seattle's Tyrone Mears at home against San Jose, and even though it might be a no-brainer, Clint Dempsey should probably find his way into your lineup. At forward, if you feel like gambling then try Jozy Altidore away at Columbus. I'm waiting probably another week before I spend nearly $10.0 on him.

Everyone's Adding: G - Deric (+471), D - Axel Sjoberg (COL, $4.6, +772), M - Jose Villareal (LA, $6.1, +939), F - Altidore (+865)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Jon Busch (CHI, $5.0, -278), D - Nick Hagglund (TOR, $6.0, -402), M - Nick DeLeon (-224), F - Bradley Wright-Phillips (NYR, $10.5, -270)