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MLS 2015 Match Prediction Game - Week 1

Buckle up, folks. The B&RU Match Prediction Game is back for a second season.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

That's right, Districtistas. The Black and Red United Match Prediction Game is back for the 2015 season! After a successful inaugural season under the leadership of DCUniverse, I am delighted to take over as moderator for the second season. The B&RU Match Prediction Game will include games from the MLS Regular Season, CONCACAF Champions League, U.S. Open Cup, and Gold Cup campaigns. In other words, we have a boatload of games on our calendar this year (assuming we have a new CBA in place by March 6).

Rumor has it that last year's reigning champion Ben Bromley is already bullish about his chances of winning back-to-back Match Prediction Game titles. Will he be able to achieve such a daunting task, or will he be dethroned by another one of the Black and Red United faithful?  Who knows--it could be you.

Scoring & Rules:

  • Predicting the correct winner or draw: +1 point
  • Predicting the correct winner and correct goal difference: +2 points
  • Predicting the exact result: +3 points
  • Games marked with an asterisk (*) will double your point score for that game.
  • Home teams will always be listed first.
  • Match predictions must be posted in the comment section below before the scheduled kickoff time for each game.

Remember that points are cumulative, so here are a few examples to refresh your memory. You pick United to win 3-1, and they do.  This nets you a whopping 6 points.  If you pick United to draw 2-2, and they do, you will receive 4 points (goal difference points are not awarded for draws).  If you pick United to win 2-0, but they end up winning 3-1, you will receive 3 points.  Each week I will tally the point results from the previous week and post them with next week's games.  As we get deeper into the season, I will include a standings table along with any recent changes in position.


Tuesday, March 3rd

Montreal vs. Pachuca

Wednesday, March 4th

D.C. United vs. LD Alajuelense*

Saturday, March 7th

D.C. United vs. Montreal

LA Galaxy vs. Chicago

Vancouver vs. Toronto FC

Houston vs. Columbus*

Philadelphia vs. Colorado

Portland vs. Real Salt Lake

FC Dallas vs. San Jose

Sunday, March 8th

Orlando City vs. NYCFC

Sporting KC vs. New York Red Bulls

Seattle vs. New England