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Throwback Thursday: In which D.C. United finds joy in CONCACAF play

Let's go back to that time when we first met Luciano Emilio, who introduced himself to D.C. United fans in the best possible way.

So, we all remember Luciano Emilio, right? Brazilian fella, scored a boatload of goals for D.C. United back toward the end of the last decade? Wore number 9? Runs a soccer camp in Maryland nowadays? Yeah, you know the guy. Today, in honor of tonight's match against Alajuelense in Costa Rica, we're going to throwback to our introduction to Lucigol, in 2007.

It was a time, eight years ago, that in some ways is not so different from now. Sure, the financial crisis was just some storm clouds rapidly gathering on the horizon and George W. Bush was still president. Ben Olsen was still a player, and none of Toronto FC, any of the Cascadia clubs, the Philadelphia Union or the Montreal Impact had ever played a single MLS match. But in February 2007, D.C. United were entering the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF confederation championships, playing one of Central America's biggest clubs. Just like tonight.

Back in 2007, United traveled to Honduras to face CD Olimpia. In that game, we met a future MLS Golden Boot winner and MVP, and he gave us a taste of what was to come. In between Cristian Gomez strikes - because what's 2007 without some Gomito? - Emilio scored on a backheel to put United up 2-1. A Facundo Erpen header off a corner kick provided United a huge 4-1 win on the road and basically secured the Black-and-Red's spot in the semis.

Watch the highlights from that game up above. And then start thinking about tonight and the continental glory that might await us in the weeks and months ahead.