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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: CCL, CBA, TFC. Some other letters, too.

We're closing in on CCL time again, not to mention MLS time, though CBA talks still loom. Today's links also take you to such exotic places as Qatar, France, and Toronto.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Freedom Kicks are fueled by my anger at autoplay videos which should NEVER EVER BE A THING. Glaring at you so hard, ESPN FC.

Anyway, I believe you're looking for some links. Good thing I have some.

CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals DC United Montreal Impact - Planet Futbol -
You guys, I really want us to do great in the CCL. Can we just do that?

MLS, MLS Players Union not backing down from CBA positions on free agency - ESPN FC
Shit's real.

ASN article: The Management POV: Kevin Payne Talks CBA
Here's ol' KP, weighing in.

Jozy Altidore on a mission to turn TFC around | MLS | Toronto FC | Sports | Toro
This article includes "In a one-on-one chit chat with the Toronto Sun Sunday afternoon" and the subhead "Awkward times at hotel," both of which delighted me (chit chat! awkward hotel times!).

Bob Bradley talks Stabaek, Timbers and life as a Yank abroad: "We've all had to fight like crazy for respect" |
I always enjoy checking in with Bob Bradley.

FIFA pressured to agree to shorter 2022 Qatar World Cup in exchange for winter dates - ESPN FC

Egypt's Second Hillsborough and the Lingering Distrust - Howler Magazine
Really good stuff. Worth the long read.

Parma’s downfall pains a city and its people and there is little cause for hope | Paolo Bandini | Football | The Guardian
Super depressing headline alert.

Population 7,500, Guingamp takes on the world's best
Points for "Guingamp" tbh. Also, interesting read.

What'd I miss? Go nuts in the comments!