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Freedom Kicks for 19 February 2015: Chris Rolfe, Concacaf Champions League

Freedom Kicks are completely bundled up, but ready to trudge out into this brave new world.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Are you frozen? I'm frozen. Let's huddle together and burn these Freedom Kicks for warmth.

10 minutes with DC United's Chris Rolfe: Playing with one arm, eating clean and gunning for trophies in 2015 | Alicia Rodriguez, of The Goat Parade and, talks with Chris Rolfe

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Orlando City: New Face of MLS? - The Mane Land: People this is the kind of hubris that I've been talking about with Orlando City

Insider notes: Qatar's winter World Cup, MLS CBA update, more - Planet Futbol - Not mentioned here, but the top conspiracy theory is that FIFA gave Fox the rights to another World Cup so that they wouldn't sue over a winter World Cup

Nothing to Fear but Free Agency Itself | Eight by Eight: CBA previews are coming fast and furious now, with two weeks left to go until the season starts

MLS’s two newest expansion teams on wildly different historical tracks | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: Unsurprisingly, teams that previously existed are more successful than teams created out of thin air

And now, a video preview of the Concacaf Champions League from Lindsay Simpson of Monumental Network

And finally, never leave us Parks and Rec. What's on your mind today?