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A Refreshed D.C. United Badge For Your Examination

Someone has put something together, so let's take a gander.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We know that Jason Levien has pondered the idea of more refreshing the D.C. United badge, rather than rebranding it. And if the tea leaves could be strenuously read at last week's reveal of the secondary jersey, maybe what was considered in that jersey would be loose components in a post-RFK inhabiting D.C. United.

This is where Milo Kowalski comes into play. Kowalski has tossed out ideas for logos before in Major League Soccer with the logo for New York City FC. He has recently done one for D.C. United, and here it is:


His explanation for the tweaks is below:


He has far more images with the logo, including comparisons to the current one, and images that appear on jerseys and other merchandise at his website, which I would encourage everyone to check out.

In the immortal words of David Letterman: "This is only an exhibition, and not a competition. Please, no wagering." With that in mind, do these changes make you warm to the idea of a brand enhancement or refresh? Is it too much, not enough, what?

Thanks to Milo for allowing us to use images for this post.