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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Do you wanna build a snowman?

A fun video featuring your faves, new USMNT/USWNT away kits, and the story behind the 'dillo.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Happy snow day!

Do you wanna read some soccer links?

A Day with D.C. United | MLS Preseason 2015 |
Fun, short video following DCU around for a day in Austin. Worth a watch. I love this dumb team.

The story behind the greatness of the Austin armadillo soccer trophy - ESPN FC
Remember that time we won the 'dillo? That was awesome. Here's some quick backstory on the greatest trophy to ever trophy.

New Nike 2015 US National Team away kit revealed - Stars and Stripes FC
Hope you like your jerseys with gradients. Not sure I do, but it'll probably grow on me. I still kind of wish we went for a darker blue in our kits instead of this bright blue (she says, even though she owns a bomb pop jersey).

2015 Desert Diamond Cup Preview: Five MLS teams meet in the desert in preparation for 2015 |
This is nice and all, especially if you want to see some MLS teams in preseason action, but there ain't no armadillo trophy up for grabs, so...meh.

Will MLS players go on strike? The CBA dispute explained | Football | The Guardian
Bit of a primer on the MLS CBA issue, if you're behind/need a refresher.

Armchair Analyst: The Tommy Thompson hype train – why it began and where it ends (for now) |
Can we talk about the fact that his parents named him Tommy Thompson, though? Parents, maybe don't do this.

Shakhtar Donetsk’s ‘refugees’ provide escapism in war-torn Ukraine | Football | The Guardian
Bayern Munich and Shakhtar meet in Champions League play today. This piece isn't long and is well worth the read. "If people stop dying everyday, we'll be able to focus on the game."

Stats in favor of Real Madrid, Bayern ahead of Champions League return - ESPN FC
On a lighter UCL note, the tournament is back after 69 days away, so here are some stats on who might advance.

Lloyd Barker: These are worrying times for Canada’s men’s soccer program | Montreal Gazette
Well, this was kind of depressing.

German Club Football Culture: Tradition in Transition? | Bundesliga Fanatic
German soccer link, duh.