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Monday Freedom Kicks: Undefeated Armadillo Champions

We look back at the ATX Pro Challenge, ahead (slightly) to Alajuelense, and back even further to Jaws.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Just going to take a moment and mention that we have as many stuffed armadillos as trophies as the New York Red Bulls have trophies. That is all.

Recaps of D.C. United's win over F.C. Dallas in the first leg of their two-game series by usthe team, the Austin Statesman and Goff. Is there is another you got a chuckle out of, feel free to post it below. Oh, and PERRY KITCHEN FINGER GUNS.

If you missed our continuing countdown to soccer which continued over the weekend, installments twelve and eleven are here for you.

Markus Halsti: D.C. United’s Finnish product - The Washington Post: Goff's profile of Markus Halsti is a pleasant read, not to mention the buried nuggets in it. You know what to do.

VIDEO: Bill Hamid makes an incredible save - Black And Red United: In case you were wondering, it looks like Bill Hamid's shoulder is OK if this save is any indication.

Of Minutes and Men: A story about the importance of minutes played — American Soccer Analysis: An interesting look at scoring versus who scored in 2014 for teams, including D.C. United.

How Leidos influenced D.C. United's new jerseys - Washington Business Journal: If you have not seen enough about the new road jersey, here is some more for you.

Unmarked Ep. 11: D.C. United's 2015 Preseason | D.C. United: If you have not seen it, another installment on Unmarked, Florida edition.

How Houston achieved the trade of the offseason - Dynamo Theory: A nice look on Joe Willis and his move to Houston from the orange side of things.

MLS Referee Explains Rule Interpretations for 2015 - The Bent Musket: We told you earlier about Corey Rockwell from PRO Referees and how offside would be interpreted this season. In The Bent Musket piece, we learn about a concussion protocol they're trying to hash out.

Óscar Ramírez: ‘Intento que Dexter me confirme’: In CONCACAF Champions League news, looks like Oscar Ramirez may have settled on a goaltender for the games with D.C. United and loosely discusses his intent in the matches leading up to same, and here is an update on tickets.

Sydney Leroux marries Dom Dwyer - Stars and Stripes FC: Oh if you missed out on it over the weekend, apparently we have a soccer power couple for real now. Are we a major sport and everything?

The following links are related to the CBA talks, so if you have the need to wallow in the mire, here goes:

  • This predicts the coming stoppage
  • This covers a possible fallacy in a Union talking point
  • This attempts to round up how we got to this stage of things
  • And this looks at things from the World Wide Leader perspective
  • This examines things outside of what we think may be talked about.

Sporting KC’s Besler, Vermes address fitness concerns raised by U.S. national team coach | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star: Normally I dislike trying to praise Peter Vermes, but his punching a hole in Jurgen Klinsmann's "MLS players are out of shape" nonsense is worth including, I think.

The unpredictable history of the left back position under Jurgen Klinsmann | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: And since we are here, let's look at the drummer of Spinal Tap who assumes this role in U.S. Soccer.

Bradford City 2–0 Sunderland: Bantams Continue Their Giant Killing By Seeing Off Black Cats - Roker Report: In partner club news, the Black Cats get bounced by Bradford City in the FA Cup, so now the battle to stay up resumes.

Shortly after news that Serie A is on the road to allowing goal-line technology, Inter Milan beat Atalanta on two goals from Fredy Guarin, one of which was pretty dirty. Oh, here are their rumored jerseys for next year.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic launches the "805 Million... |: Zlatan's tattoos were fake and for a hunger campaign? Love you Zlatan.

Watch: Dive Deep into 'Jaws' with 33-Minute Shot by Shot Analysis | A nice look into the first popcorn film, long before it became a genre and before Spielberg lost his touch.