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Countdown to soccer: 12 days - a valentine from B&RU to D.C. United supporters and fans

With 12 days until D.C. United take the field in 2015, we express our love for the 12th man. That's you.

All of us here at B&RU - staff and readers alike - love D.C. United. And we're pretty sure D.C. United loves us back (even after the way they treated us through most of 2013). But we here in this corner of the internet also love you, our readers and fellow fans and supporters of the Black-and-Red. So when today's countdown post simultaneously fell on #12 and Valentine's Day, we knew it must be fate's hand guiding us back to a video we've shared with you each of the past few years.

That video is above, and it basically sums up how we feel about you, United, RFK Stadium, Buzzard Point, and most anything else having to do with United. Hey, it's only weird if we make it weird.

When I first moved to DC and started coming out to RFK, it was the supporters I first fell in love with, and my love for United followed. We've been through highs and lows together - both on and off the field - coming together online and out in the real world to celebrate and console, and y'all are basically the best. Anyway, thank you all for making this place such a great place to hang out in what is otherwise a generally hostile internet. We choo-choo-choose you, Valentines.