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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Jermaine Jones is Joey from Friends

CBA stuff getting real, Gyasi Zardes making an impression, and soccer moms, but not what you think.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Full disclosure, I almost forgot it was my turn for the Kicks of Freedom, which means I have a short list for you guys today. Go nuts in the comments with everything I missed.

Bobby Boswell, Chris Rolfe speak on MLS CBA talks: "We will strike over free agency" — Soccer Wire
Shit's real, as they say.

Gyasi Zardes emerges as USMNT's winter camp breakout player - Planet Futbol -
I missed most of the match on Sunday (because I was live #BennyWatching-ing, okay?!), but I did see Dempsey's goal. And that was a pretty sweet ball from Zardes.

Jermaine Jones to undergo surgery, will miss a couple weeks - Stars and Stripes FC
All this made me think of was when Joey on Friends had a hernia.

Individual Ticket Sales Take Off, Lions Over Halfway to #FillTheBowl | Orlando City Soccer Club
I still want Atlanta to be Soccer Capital of the South.

Arizona United Soccer Club Affiliates With Major League Soccer's FC Dallas : Arizona United
Arizona United kind of got a cool badge. Maybe I'm biased because it's an eagle, though.

Ramifications of U.S. Soccer's support of Prince Ali - Planet Futbol -
You know, one day, we will have a FIFA that Blatter isn't in charge of. Won't that be a great day?

UltraViolet | Tell the FIFA Executive Committee: Pay women players fairly
FIFA will definitely, totally, absolutely pay attention to this petition.

David Beckham reaffirms commitment to securing Miami stadium: "We will get it right and it will happen" |
If you say so, Becks.

Mum's the word as Brazilian club bid to curb violence | Reuters
Okay, bringing in some moms to act as security? Kind of awesome.

Sami Khedira injured again as bad news flows from the Bernebau | ProSoccerTalk
:( (Okay, you caught me. This is just here because I didn't have anything else German. ALSO, this is here because this headline spelled Bernabeu wrong and I am here to call out misspellings.)

Now, Jermaine Jones isn't really Joey from Friends. But he's probably some television character, right? Who is he? Please everyone share your thoughts.