New Interpretation of Offside in MLS in 2015 (UPDATE)

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Corey Rockwell is a PRO official that has worked in MLS for several years. He is also on Twitter, and recently he mentioned that MLS had a new interpretation to offside which will go into effect in 2015 (Updated to Reflect Explanations by Rockwell). I'll let Corey's tweets explain:

So in terms of going from some of the plays of the week that PRO mentioned last year, should this be whistled for offside now? (Update: Yep, as explained below)

Or perhaps this, Chris Rolfe's goal vs. Philadelphia last year?

Or this goal from Seattle-Chivas? (Update: Yep, would be offsides, as explained below:)

Or this chance from Round 1 of D.C. United vs. the New York Red Bulls?

In terms of interpretations, MLS was tasked with a similar edict in 2014 when it came to holding and/or dragging down attackers in the box on corner kicks (it happened three times that I know of, notably in Week 1 with D.C. United), so I would imagine that there may be similar points of contention in MLS games in 2015, so putting it on the radar.

Tangentially, it also should be noted (at least according to Rockwell), that this is a FIFA interpretation, one that UEFA's officials are aware of and should be exercising.

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