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D.C. United fans' MLS Hate Index 2015

It's the end of another year, so let's hate on other MLS teams.

It's back again for Year 3, our annual MLS Hate Index for D.C. United fans. This is where you get the chance to let the hate flow through you, and we can all contribute to ranking the rest of the teams in our league in order of their despicableness. (Dispicability? Dispicision?) The last two years, the New York Red Bulls have easily taken the top spot in our Poll of the Putrid, which shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, anywhere.

The LA Galaxy and Philadelphia Union have both spent time at second place and have been in the top 5 both years of our poll's existence. At the other end of the spectrum are the Vancouver Whitecaps, Colorado Rapids and the MLS Cup champion Portland Timbers, who have been our least-hated teams both years. Two expansion teams debuted on our list last season: New York City FC at #6 and Orlando City SC at #13 -- expect some movement from one or both teams now that they've existed for a year.

Be sure to check out the full lists from last year and from 2013.

And then get to voting in this year's poll.

Here's how it works: thumbs up for hate. If a team is too low on the list for your liking - if you hate them more than the teams above them on the list (or just because you hate them) - give them an upvote. If somebody is higher on the Hate Index than you think they should be, then downvote them. The list is always in flux, and you can change your votes as many times as you like, so be sure to check back over the next few days to update your votes and ensure your voice is counted on the final list.

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As always, be sure to jump down to the comments with your thoughts on the poll and who rates in your personal Pantheon of Detestation.