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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: The truth is out there

Ashley Cole to LA Galaxy to play soccer, cause lols.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, friends. I'm still on vacation (er, staycation) and hopelessly out of the loop on all soccer things. So I have barely a handful of things for you, and one of them doesn't really count.

Hey, it's still the holiday season, things are weird.

Galaxy 'close' to acquiring England's Ashley Cole - LA Times
lol k good luck with this

ASN article: Veljko Paunovic Discusses His Plans for Chicago Fire
"How do you define the type of player you’re looking for?" - "Good athletes." That would be a start.

MLS Player or Muppet?
I mean, this is just silly and I kind of love it.

This video needs waaaaaay more Ben Olsen. Like, really? Really?!

And then, like, honestly who needs soccer when you have this 21-minute X-Files preview?

Okay okay, talk soccer in the comments, I'm outta here.