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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: #HamstringWatch

Not even talking about Pontius.

Welcome to your Tuesday morning Freedom Kicks. Please note that this is a starter dose of soccer, and doctors* recommend a steady, constant diet of soccer to ensure health and happiness.

*Doctors did not recommend this. Please consult with your doctor before consuming massive amounts of soccer, as it has been known to cause stress, anxiety, heart attacks, and other side effects.

On to the links!

USA vs Mexico: Tactical approaches for CONCACAF Cup playoff - Planet Futbol -
It's cute that we think Klinsmann has actual tactics.

Jozy Altidore says past two years have been hardest of life - ESPN FC
Take care of those hamstrings, bro. #HamstringWatch

The USA-Mexico soccer rivalry mirrors immigration debates | Fusion
Time to get serious about the soccer.

ASN article: The Parity Principle in MLS: It Works, But Is It Good?
MLS is nutso, and I love it for its nuttiness.

Heard On The Wire: Sifting through NWSL scuttlebutt from Championship week in PDX — Soccer Wire
Do not name the OCSC NWSL team the "Lady Lions," omg.

Here’s how Toronto FC, the Quakes, MLS, and soccer in general got the official blessing of rapper Lil B | SIDELINE |
Whoa, hold up. Where is DCU's blessing? Because I don't think Francis bothered with us while he was here and we could use something.

'We could be the second Argentina': Tom Dooley on coaching the Philippines | The Guardian
Ah come on, at least beat North Korea. You can handle that, right?

Unprecedented 1985 American University soccer team meets up for 30-year reunion | The Washington Post
Great story here from the Goff.

Arsenal rout of Man United merely continues Wenger cycle of mediocrity | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports
For the Arsenal-inclined among you, which very much does not include me, but I am an equal opportunity soccer linker.

That's all I got. What do you got?