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MLS Match Prediction Game Week 34: The Final Act

D.C. United enter the final week of the Match Prediction Game looking for a big away win against the Columbus Crew.

The winner of Week 33 is DavidRusk with 24 points. As a prize, you get to be Mayor for a Day. It may not be as great as being Mayor of Albuquerque, but I had to give you something. Perhaps you can pass some ordinances that favor DCU supporters groups' right to tailgate at the future Buzzard Point stadium? Work your magic, sir.

D.C. United enters Week 34 of the Match prediction game having clinched a spot in the playoffs, but are still looking to lock up that 2nd seed to avoid the play-in round next week.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Match Prediction Game this season, and for your patience when I missed a few weeks. I will announce the 2015 season winner next week (although I think we already know who that is) along with a breakdown of other performance statistics for each player. This is your last chance to grind out those final points and earn some street blog-cred with B&RU editors and readers, so make 'em count.

Oh, by the way...there are FOUR double-point games this week. Things could get interesting near the top of our leaderboard.

Week 33 Scores:

  1. DavidRusk 24
  2. DoddsDC 22
  3. ChestRockwell 18
  4. Restonfan 16
  5. DCUniverse 14
  6. DCU_Exile 13
  7. Will Nelson 11
  8. fischy 9
  9. pyramidofdestiny 8
  10. dcsoccer7 7
  11. hawaiigradstudent 7
  12. Murrdcu 6
  13. dccal 5
  14. Adam M. Taylor 2
The Leaderboard:
  1. dccal 440
  2. garbaggio 382
  3. dcsoccer7 378
  4. fischy 374
  5. DoddsDC 355
  6. ChestRockwell 352
  7. Restonfan 346
  8. DCUniverse 342
  9. Adam M. Taylor 322
  10. Samuel Levy 315
  11. hawaiigradstudent 314
  12. Steven Streff 310
  13. DCU_Exile 306
  14. Will Nelson 280
  15. pyramidofdestiny 245
  16. DavidRusk 146
  17. Murrdcu 31
Week 34 Games (ALL ON SUNDAY):
Columbus v. DC United*
NYCFC v. New England
Philadelphia v. Orlando City
Montreal v. Toronto FC
Portland v. Colorado
Vancouver v. Houston
Sporting KC v. LA Galaxy*
Chicago v. NJRB*
Seattle v. Real Salt Lake
FC Dallas v. San Jose*

Note:  Games marked with an asterisk (*) are worth double points. Yes, there are four of them this week.

Disclaimer: No goats were harmed during the course of the 2015 Match Prediction Game.