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Previewapalooza: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 2 October 2015

Hurricane Schmuricane, we got previewapalooza, and Tinder!

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I've never seen anything like it.  Hurricane Joaquin has inundated us with DCU-NYCFC previews.  I'm talking inches and inches of links that you'll just have to wade through in rubber boots and a poncho from CVS.  I guess, when NYCFC plays, this is the kind of attention they get every time.  I'm just going to dump them all right here, without comment, on your front porch, set them on fire, ring the doorbell, run away, watch from the bushes, and then we'll pick up with regular Friday Freedom Kicks after the dump:

DC United vs. New York City FC | MLS Match Preview |

New York City FC-D.C. United Preview - Yahoo Sports

New York City FC vs DC United live stream: How to watch online MLS 2015 soccer (Preview) | Christian Today

For playoff hopeful New York City FC, the mission is clear: "We just have to win" |

Kreis cites effort, cohesion as factors in current NYCFC win streak | Soccer By Ives

New York City FC-D.C. United Preview | FOX Sports

In the rain and vs. NYCFC, DC United aims to stem the tide - Washington Post

Black-and-Red Basics | D.C. United vs New York City FC | D.C. United

Match Notes | D.C. United vs New York City FC | D.C. United

MLS Preview and Prediction: DC United vs New York City FC | MLSGB

Sheesh.  It's just a game.  Okay, back to some normal linky dinks.

What's wrong with DC United? - Washington Post:  This is a great question, which Goff fails to answer directly.  Maybe he answers it by accident.  See where he says that DC United was shredded by Poku's speed and technical ability?  An entire team should not be shredded by one player's speed and technical ability.  That happens when you're slow and sloppy.  Let's get it together tonight, please.

DC United's Swipe Right Night is bringing Tinder to MLS - Washington Post:  No one goes home alone tomorrow night!  Touchline is figuring out how to download Tinder as we speak, ladies.

Steve Birnbaum & Chris Pontius on dating in D.C. | D.C. United:  This video is actually really funny.  Good job, Birdbomb and Party Boy.

Success is no longer foreign in East Timor, but the players are - NYT:  East Timor has naturalized over a dozen Brazilian soccer players and put them on their national team.

Louisville to Explore Expansion Plans for Soccer | Local News - WLKY Home:  Click on this link for the most blurred sports photo you'll ever see for an online article at a major news site.  It's like they said, "We need a photo of Louisville FC players in action.  Anybody got one?"  "My college friend was at a game last year.  He was really drunk.  But he had his iPhone with him.  He tweeted me a pic."  "Good enough."

A historical look at MLS salary data -  Some stats porn with lots of explicit charts of all kinds for you math nerds.

FC Kansas City wins second consecutive NWSL title -  It was a thrilling final, for a 1-0 finish.  The last 15 minutes had Hope Solo playing midfield sweeper.  There were a couple minutes of hold-your-breath injury time when Lauren Holiday collapsed in the box from exhaustion.  Amy Rodriguez's goal on Solo was perfect.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this BBC video of the wackiest Soviet bus stops.

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