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Monday Freedom Kicks: Jurgen's Sins, Man

All the US-Mexico recaps worth reading, some club stuff, and a birthday.

Hi, I'm here to make sure you relive the pain as much as possible, so bask in the glow, OK?

Recaps and various think pieces from Saturday's United States men's team loss to Mexico, starting with the former, by, and the Washington Post. Now, with the latter:

USMNT’s problems run deep and the loss to Mexico proved it: Michael Caley looks at things from the analytics side of things.

Armchair Analyst: Sunk cost, Jurgen Klinsmann & a 3-2 USMNT loss to Mexico | Matt Doyle gets in a little bit on Jurgen's coachdom.

USMNT fans hate Jurgen Klinsmann because he won't stop lying - I find little to disagree with in Kevin's piece.

Klinsmann is right: the USA does need to grow up as a soccer nation - Black And Red United: Adam brings the heat as well.

USA U-23's vs. Honduras: Final score 0-2, Disappointing performance dooms the U.S.' Olympic hopes - Stars and Stripes FC: Oh hey, not the only disappointment Saturday, as the younger Yanks fail to a Honduras team that didn't even bother to bring Andy Najar to the tournament. Gotdamn Jurgen, man.

Olympic qualifying: How Rio Tinto Stadium stays ready in the cold - Planet Futbol - You're going to want to learn about grass as we move closer to Buzzard Point. Or not. But a nice piece regardless.

U.S. Soccer will reportedly feature a black kit in 2016 - Stars and Stripes FC: All kinds of country stuff happening, as perhaps we'll channel the women's team mojo by wearing black kits.

Bill Hamid Called Up to U.S. Team for Costa Rica Friendly - Black And Red United: In club and country news, Bill Hamid gets the chance to watch Tim Howard for a half, with an eye towards playing the second half Tuesday, we hope.

OFFICIAL: Allardyce Appointed Sunderland Manager - Roker Report: In partner club news, Big Sam back in the Premier League to take the reins at Sunderland, so this should be something.

Kofi Opare on his season with D.C. United - Video Dailymotion: Kofi Opare did a phoner that discusses his year so far. By the way, today's his birthday, so wish the new quarter century man a happy and a healthy.

Kevin Spacey and D.C. United are Twitter buds, in case you were wondering: I feel like it's only a matter of time before Spacey gets presented with this in a nice synergy move, but it's nice that there's been some reaching out to non-footy folk to generate talk around town.

I have more clips, but am saving them for tomorrow as Leanne won't be here. Besides, coming back for a second round requires a lot of protein or something, so they say.