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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Petition for an MLS Insider piece on Talon

What if the EPL had playoffs? What if all soccer players were 5'11" and 189 lbs? What if MLS didn't have mascots?!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your first Tuesday Freedom Kicks of 2015, folks. This year, I resolve to...keep sharing links with you.

ESPN to be available for web streaming for $20 a month - More Sports -
I find that using my friend's cable login for WatchESPN also works.

People are freaking out over Lionel Messi's Instagram account | For The Win
Honestly, world. Please.

Steering a ship without a map – Where does Luis Enrique want Barça to go? | JenFCB
I am categorically not a Barcelona fan but sometimes I try to be equal opportunity in my links, so for people who categorically are Barcelona fans, here you go.

Adebayo 'The Beast' Akinfenwa is a plus-sized soccer hero

NFL shows way to dethrone Manchester City and Chelsea and make Premier League competitive | ESPN Blogs |
If only there were a soccer league in the world that had playoffs to show how this might work.

NBC’s ‘Breakaway Live' Isn't Good For Soccer Or Fans
Agree to disagree.

Lampard NY deal creates credibility issue for MLS, new team
Womp womp. I repeat, womp womp.

Jurgen Klinsmann Q&A: Taking U.S. Soccer to the Next Level in 2015 - U.S. Soccer
The next level is where I always wanted to go.

Federico Higuain Signs New Designated Player Contract - Massive Report
Glad to see this. Higuain is a fun player to watch (when he's not playing against DCU).

Indentured, Servants: The sad, secret lives of MLS mascots | Soccer Gods
Just read it.

How Danny Cruz does it | A Day in the Life Episode 2 |
"Fashionista Austin Berry."

Major League Soccer signs eight college seniors ahead of 2015 SuperDraft |
Includes a baby Besler.