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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: There will be haters

Toronto FC officially signed Giovinco, the 2015 All-Star Game will be in Colorado, and Paul Breitner shows up twice BECAUSE HE CAN.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Hope everyone enjoyed their day off yesterday, if they had it, and if not, hope you had a not-terrible Monday. Today is Tuesday, which means it's time for your weekly "where will Leanne insert German soccer" links. Onward!

The USMNT defense's European problem | Football | The Guardian
I always like to start my days with a healthy dose of worrying about the USMNT.

Bayern Munich’s Paul Breitner breaks down Bayern’s future role in U.S. development | The 91st Minute
So, while we're talking USMNT, read Paul Breitner talk development.

Bayern Munich legend Paul Breitner analyzes Jurgen Klinsmann's effect on American soccer
And then, since I assume you now want all Breitner all the time, here's more from him.

ASN article: Young Yanks Beat Jamaica 2-0 As Gall Nails Penalties
May as well check in on some baby Yanks while we're here. They're trying to qualify for the U-20 World Cup right now.

Megan Rapinoe suffers knee injury, out several weeks - Stars and Stripes FC
"Pinoooooooooe, noooooo!" is the only acceptable reaction to this. At least she'll hopefully be back soon enough.

Equalizer Soccer – Report: Vancouver's BC Place to get new turf in May
The Women's World Cup final will be played at BC Place on July 5. Also, I first read this as "BC Place to grow new turf" and was pretty confused. Cool story, eh?

Toronto FC officially announce Giovinco signing - Waking The Red
Officially coming July 1st to an MLS venue near you.

Sebastian Giovinco: A Primer -
So take a minute to learn about him, if you're inclined. Curious to know what everyone thinks of this signing. Is $7 million too much money? Is it going to be worth it? You have thoughts, spill 'em. (Also, if you want to go down the Deadspin rabbit hole, there is a conspiracy to be had.)

MLS All-Star Game 2015 to be hosted by Colorado Rapids - The Denver Post
Anyone fancy a trip out West?

Colorado Rapids acquire Sam Cronin from San Jose Earthquakes in exchange for allocation money |
Sam Cronin does (yes, that segue was hella smooth). Good move as far as I'm concerned.

2012 Cal FC: Where Are They Now? : MLS
You remember Cal FC, dontcha? Interesting look at where those guys are now.

Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or win is absurd, says Cruyff -
Not that I really care who wins the award, but I'm with you, Cruyff! Damn it all!! (Toni Kroos did win IFFHS' World's Best Playmaker of the Year, though. Not that that matters, either, but I care about Toni Kroos, and I want everyone to also care about him.)

East German football's invisible wall -
This is from last week but no less worthy of a read today. Plus, what is a Tuesday Freedom Kicks by moi without at least one German soccer link?

Finally, seems like my Twitter timeline today loved this new ad from Adidas. Personally it kind of gave me a headache, but #ThereWillBeHaters ain't a bad hashtag so I'll go along with it.