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Lampardonne moi! DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 2 January 2015

What if you threw a Lampardy and no one came? What if Alex Morgan married someone who is not you? What if Orlando City makes the 2015 playoffs? A shaky start to the new year!

Man City Manager Manuel Pellegrini: Lampard Ain't Going Nowhere
Man City Manager Manuel Pellegrini: Lampard Ain't Going Nowhere
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Whew, boy!  Freedom Kicks today is all aflutter with the fallout from the Frank Lampard drama.  It is an absolute trainwreck for NYCFC and MLS.

If you didn't catch yesterday's Freedom Kicks, the news was that EPL superstar Frank Lampard would not be going to NYCFC so long as there was still a season to be played at Manchester City.

If you did catch yesterday's Freedom Kicks, I'm sorry to return to Lampardgate.  But the dumpster fire is not out yet.

So let's rubberneck this thing.  There really is very little else going on in the world of football at the moment.  So just sit back and let your morbid curiosity get the better of you.

MLS is getting bullied by Manchester City | For The Win:  "It was a huge step for MLS, long the little brother of major European leagues. American soccer was bringing in world class talent from world class teams. Lampard might be the start of a promising trend for MLS. Those hopes were dashed at the turn of the new year...The disrespect is real."

New York City fans 'outraged' at Lampard's decision to delay MLS move | talkSPORT:  "Disaster, absolute disaster. It's a disaster for that new franchise, a disaster for MLS. I can't wait to hear from Don Garber," said former New England coach Steve Nicol.  To which Garber's deputy replied:  "Frank Lampard's performance at Manchester City reaffirms that he is one of the world's elite midfielders and we look forward to him joining NYCFC during the 2015 season."

Manchester City's deal to keep Frank Lampard on loan at the Etihad until the end of the season angers New York City fans  | Daily Mail Online:  From NYCFC supporter group statement:  "Many fans, including our members, decided to support the team, committed to season tickets, and bought merchandise under the impression that Frank Lampard would be playing for New York City Football Club, not Manchester City. Many of those fans are rightly outraged by this decision, and we support any course of action they take to voice their discontent over this decision."

With Lampard extension, Man City shows lack of regard for NYC fans - Planet Futbol -  Grant Wahl:  "You never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially in New York City. In the wake of the Lampard decision, the only way NYCFC can save face now is by making an equivalent signing who could start the season with the team in March. But if I was an NYCFC season-ticket holder, I'd be demanding a refund today."

New York is skillfully demonstrating how not to launch a new soccer team – Quartz:  "Suddenly and swiftly, New York soccer fans have just learnt what it feels like to be at bottom of the food chain."

Official: Frank Lampard to stay in Manchester through May - Hudson River Blue:  Our brethren at NYCFC's fan site:  "These aren't immutable forces of nature we're dealing with here; these are conscious choices that are being made right now by ownership. It's up to fans if they'll settle for that. They don't have to, unless they want to."

Lampard to the rescue as Man City win thriller - London South East: Lampard himself puts an exclamation point on the past 24 hours.

Manuel Pellegrini hints Frank Lampard could stay at City next season | Football | The Guardian:  And Man City's Pellegrini tells NYCFC fans to just fogeddaboutit, cuz if he keeps scoring like this, we might just keep him through next season, too.

British press: Steven Gerrard set to leave Liverpool, Major League Soccer could be next |  Holy moly.  An era at Liverpool is coming to an end.  And the Galaxy might just snag Steven Gerrard - who really does have some good soccer left in him.

Oyongo, Mbolhi, Inkoom, and Accam Selected For AFCON 2015 - MLS Multiplex:  The African Cup of Nations (recently moved from Morocco to Equatorial Guinea because ebola) will feature more MLS players than ever before.

Soccer Stars Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco Wed - Time:  And just like that, she's off the market, boys.

Fans love underdogs, but few face greater odds than the Palestinian soccer team - The Washington Post:  The WaPo takes a look at the big and little struggles that come with playing for the Palestinian national team.

15 soccer predictions for 2015 | Seattle Times:  Icing on the NYCFC post-Lampard cake -- the Seattle Times predicts that one of the expansion teams makes the playoffs next year.  And it's Orlando City.  (They do have Lewis Neal.  LEWIS NEAL!)

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is ten and a half minutes of Double Dare prizes.