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Alajuelense players suspended ahead of D.C. United matches

CONCACAF puts the banhammer down.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Alajuelense website posted that CONCACAF has finally put the sanctions down on them as a result of their brawl with Cruz Azul at the end of Champions League group play in October. Midfielder Kevin Sancho Ramos has been suspended for six games, and the team has been fined $20,000. Ramos appears to be a player of some consequence in terms of loss from the squad, starting most of the Manudos games the last two seasons, but admittedly this is where a plead some ignorance to CONCACAF club play as it's been awhile for me.

Also of mention, Alajuelense will be playing Saprissa in a rivalry game the Sunday before playing D.C. United, and according to their schedule there is a game the day before, which I would imagine gets moved or generally disregarded by the club somehow.

UPDATE: CONCACAF has put out news of the suspensions, saying that Sancho and starting goalkeeper Patrick Pemberton (along with Cruz Azul's Mauro Formica) have also been suspended six games.