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MLS Draft 2015 Live Thread: Streaming coverage as D.C. United picks 17th and 42nd overall

All the details on today's Superdraft, plus video to follow along!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 MLS SuperDraft is today, and that means...well, something for D.C. United. With a late first round pick (17th overall) and the very last pick of the second round (42nd), United won't have a shot at the slam-dunk prospects out there. However, United's track record on draft day in recent years is excellent, and current starter Taylor Kemp was taken 17th overall in 2013, so this is far from a waste of time.

Start time: 12:30pm EST

End time: Probably 2:30 or so, but it will feel like three days have passed.

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA)

TV/Streaming: No TV coverage of any kind, but is providing streaming video coverage, as you can see below:

If you have SiriusXM, the above broadcast will be in audio form on channel 94.

What does D.C. United need?: "Best player available" is the mantra. Of course, there will be situations where players are very close and positional needs do come into play. In that case, I'd prepare to see a defender taken at #17 and a wide midfielder to be taken at #42. For the former, think left back or center back. For the latter, United could probably use a speed option (particularly if David Estrada doesn't re-sign with the team). If a Generation Adidas player happens to go unselected after 16 teams, however, shelve all of those concerns because that's who we'll be picking up.

Previews: Our mock draft suspiciously matches what I just said. Here's the full results of the entire SB Nation mock. Matt Doyle says we need a third GK or a defender over at MLSsoccer, while the guys at Top Drawer Soccer (who are the most knowledgeable folks when it comes to college soccer) have us selecting a goalkeeper in their mock draft. Goalkeeper was a reasonable position to expect United to pursue until late yesterday, when Steve Goff blew that up for the Washington Post when Dave Kasper said a GK was probably not on United's to-do list for the day.

What are you drinking?: Nothing very exciting: Coffee probably, or water if not. I wish this were an evening event.

This is the spot for your pre-draft, in-draft, and post-draft comments. Let's get excited, this is more or less when the season begins!