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D.C. United versus Arabe Unido staff and reader predictions

D.C. United takes on Arabe Unido tonight and can clinch a spot in the CCL quarterfinals

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We are all very confident that D.C. United will win tonight's game and move onto the next round of the CCL. Are we too confident? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments!

Steven Streff

DC United keep winning, and continue not concede, as they cruise to the quartefinals with a simple 2-0 win. Arabe test United some, before Chris Pontius and Miguel Aguilar put the result to rest.

Adam Taylor

Small crowd, reserves, Tuesday night. Gimme the quarterfinals. United do let one in but more than make up for it through Aguilar, Jeffrey and Doyle. 3-1 to the Black-and-Red.


This should be a win, and it probably will be. 2-0 for United, with Aguilar continuing to find the back of the net in CCL play.


I think the score will be close but we will find out quickly that Arabe Unido ain't about this quarterfinals life. United is. The reserves preserve the clean sheet and the group will be clinched. 1-0 DCU, with Aguilar the CCL killer striking once again.

Leanne Elston

At home on a weeknight, near-empty stands, CCL--it's a win. Aguilar scores again for the Black-and-Red, with Doyle (Doyle!) grabbing a second for a 2-0 final.


I expect Arabe Unido to be very conservative in the first half, and the lovely late summer weather will unfortunately be paired with a rather dour first half that United controls without actually creating many looks. Things open up after halftime, and while La furia Colonense has the first couple of chances it'll be United opening the scoring via Chris Pontius. The game will get pretty hectic as the visitors throw everything at an equalizer - remember, this is a team that made an attacking tactical sub after 33 minutes in Panama - and United sticks the knife in as Jairo Arrieta sets Miguel Aguilar for his 3rd CCL goal on a counter. 2-0 United.

Ryan Keefer

Knowing they need a draw or better to clinch the group, my guess is a largely second choice DC squad opts for "better." 2-0 with Arrieta and Pontius scoring, and Marfan assisting on both.


I'm still having an outrage hangover from Saturday night. My Magic Eight Ball is cloudy. Wait. I think I see it now: the Reserves. They're...they're... doing something funny. It looks like they're walking super-fast. My God, they're running! Yes, running! Like they want something. There is something that they are after. Holy RFK, it's the ball. They have the ball! Yes! I see...what do the French call it?...ah, oui, possession! They have possession! DC wins, 1-0.

Ben Bromley

The backups will run rampant again, desperate to push their way into the 18 man gameday roster for the first team. Miguel Aguilar and Michael Farfan both score, giving D.C. United a 2-0 victory and passage into the quarterfinals of the CCL for the second year in a row.