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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS, and USWNT links for Wednesday September 3rd, 2014

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Freedom Kicks is usually about DCU and sometimes the USMNT, but for various reasons it's mostly about a bunch of other stuff today.

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Ben Olsen has given his players two days off, so there wasn't much going on yesterday in terms of D.C. United news. Meanwhile, I saved links related to today's USMNT game with the Czech Republic for the gamethread, so I have no choice but to talk about other teams that aren't our main focus in general. Today's Freedom Kicks will have a different flavor as a result.

Team of the Week (Wk 25): A new DP and two old stalwarts show the midfield depth in MLS |
Bill Hamid made the league's team of the week again. This is starting to just be the state of things.

Vote now for Etihad Airways MLS Player of the Month for August |
See? Hamid's multiple TOTW nods and overall stellar performance has gotten him on the list for the league's POTM along with some other jerks. Vote for him, and then feel uneasy about MLS taking money from an airline that uses human women as weird, unspeaking mascot props.

Vancouver Whitecaps fret over postseason hopes as previously productive attack goes missing |
Hey, this sort of applies to us. Vancouver has been shut out four times in their last five games.

State of the MLS Run In: 8 Weeks to Go | Sounder At Heart
Does DCU have a 100% chance of making the playoffs? Well, computers now say yes, so I guess we can just chill until October.

Jokes aside, sidereal's numbers also have United facing the fourth-hardest remaining schedule in MLS play. It's worth noting that this doesn't factor in CCL travel or, you know, having to play those CCL games we traveled to.

Red Bulls feel ‘frustration’ over also-ran status |
NYRB frustrated and upset? Sign me up. If the Sporks can get their act together to beat the Metros on Saturday and then we beat them at RBA, we might as well start building the coffin and finding them a nice burial plot at wherever the worst garbage dump in Jersey is (as that's where that club belongs for the rest of time).

Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Tally Hall out for remainder of 2014 with ACL tear |
Pretty significant news out of Texas, as Tally Hall ended up with a torn ACL after landing awkwardly towards the end of Friday's 3-1 win over KC. Houston will roll with academy product Tyler Deric - who they have repeatedly touted as a player with lots of potential - as their starter for the rest of the season.

A Bloody Big Mess: A Look at the Ryan Nelsen Firing | Waking The Red
The sad times never seem to end in Toronto, at least when it comes to the sports I pay attention to. And their local government. It's also kind of odd that one former United defender (Greg Vanney) will replace another (Nelsen).

Here's a sobering statistic regarding Chivas USA's ongoing scoreless streak | The Goat Parade
Staying with things tangentially related to United and/or are sadness vectors, the last goal Chivas USA scored was against the Black-and-Red. You are probably thinking to yourself "Hey, that was awhile ago," and you have no idea. Chivas plays Seattle tonight without Erick Torres, who has 14 of their 21 goals, due to suspension.

14 of their 21 goals. Fourteen of twenty-one. Let that roll around your head for a bit. That is flat-out heroic, especially given the fact that Chivas asks Cubo to do things he's not built to do.

Rumors swirl about Chivas USA's fate in 2015, but what can you believe? | The Goat Parade
This is more important in a big-picture sense. A simple tweet from Univision's Republica Deportiva has brought up the possibility that Chivas USA won't be rebranded or sold at all this year, which isn't good for anyone anywhere.

Tuesday kickaround | Soccer Insider
Ashlyn Harris, Crystal Dunn, and Ali Krieger are on the 28-woman roster for the USWNT's upcoming doubleheader against Mexico.

Copa Centroamericana, which opens at RFK Stadium, extends international soccer influx | Washington Post
Steve Goff takes a look at the Copa Centroamericana, which starts tonight at RFK. The bill opens with Costa Rica - carrying a big chunk of their 2014 World Cup roster - taking on Nicaragua at 5:30. That'll be followed by what is essentially a Honduras B team playing Belize at 7:30, and the night will be capped off by an El Salvador-Guatemala match that will be far, far closer than the other two games.

Free kick taking pitch invader gets praised by judge, crowdfunds his fine | Dirty Tackle
I'm not sure where to land on this. On one hand, this man is clearly an idiot. Statements like "I know it was a mistake, but it was definitely worth it" are not statements made by smart people. If you know it was a mistake, you know it was not the right thing to do; it could not have been worth it. These sentence halves cannot coexist in the same overall sentence.

On the other hand, he has fully embraced being dumb, right down to trying - successfully, mind you - to get people to pay his fine for him. I mean, if you're going to do something stupid, really go all out. Plus, he got to the point by running up to the ball and taking a shot on goal rather than just running around forever and wasting everyone's time.

The only winner here is Judge Gareth Branston.