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Freedom Kicks for 25 September 2014: D.C. United, Concacaf, and soccer links

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In this edition of Freedom Kicks, we have draftings, Fifa reports, and soccer documentaries.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Are you still slightly damp from last night's Concacaf Champions League game? If so, grab your cup of coffee and wake up to the slightly nutty smell of Freedom Kicks.

There are match reports from that 2-0 win over Tauro FC from us, Goff, and Pablo; on, you can also find the highlight package, which has some interesting music over top of it instead of the commentators, because Concacaf.

Striker Defoe says he's committed to Toronto FC - Jermain Defoe says that he is committed to TFC for this year, but says that rumors about next year are totally out of his control. Except they aren't, because he's fueling them by saying things like that. (WARNING: autoplay video)

NYCFC's Jason Kreis: 'No truth' to Frank Lampard loan extension rumors | Jason Kreis wants Lampard in January, but we shall see what his bosses think.

Orlando City take top picks in 2015 Expansion Draft, MLS SuperDraft; NYCFC atop Allocation Ranking | Watch this one for the hilarity: Jason Kreis meant to draft the first position in the NASL/USL priority, but instead said discovery ranking. After everyone laughed about it for a bit, MLS's Todd Durbin said that Kreis could not take it back and he was stuck with what he said. Not that it will really matter, but funny.

Clint Dempsey Asks Strangers About Clint Dempsey :: Soccer :: Video :: Paste: Do people know who Clint Dempsey is, and what do they think about him?

Sunil Gulati to push for release of FIFA report - Sunil Gulati joins the author of the report detailing what happened in the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in asking Fifa to release it.

24 Under 24: The worth of academies & the future of MLS | Armchair Analyst | Shoutouts for both Andy Najar and Bill Hamid.

10 Soccer Documentaries That Won’t Bore Your Non-Soccer-Loving Partner to Death :: Soccer :: Lists :: Paste: Especially if you haven't seen The Two Escobars year, go and find it.

That's all I have. Go nuts in the comments.