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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Open thread for D.C. United, MLS, NWSL and MOAR soccer

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Your humble link curator is taking the day off, so it's on you to bring the links this morning.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Slacking. I know, I know. With the holiday yesterday and the many festivities that accompanied it, I never got around to scouring the soccertubes for the best links to share with you over coffee this morning. So I'm going to crowdsource it... after the fact. Let us know in the comments what soccer reporting/writing/japing/GIFfery has your attention today.

Basically talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: Despite naming conventions, MLS currently has no teams in the three largest cities in the country - New York (Harrison, NJ), LA (Carson, Cal) and Chicago (Bridgeview, Ill) all play outside city limits. That will change when NYC LOL WTF OMG BBQ FC starts play in Yankee Stadium next year. My question: does it matter? (Or in Linda Richman terms, "New York Red Bulls, neither bovine nor in New York. Discuss.")