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Throwback Thursday: D.C. United's 2013 U.S. Open Cup semifinal win over the Chicago Fire

We could have been cute and put the not-quite-out-of-use MLS logo up instead of our usual TBT fare, but we'd rather troll the Fire instead.

In the minds of two Chicago Fire announcers, D.C. United never won the 2013 U.S. Open Cup (and therefore are not a lone point away from winning their CONCACAF Champions League group). No, for those brave souls, the Open Cup semifinal is still being played at Toyota Park in the suburbs of the Windy City, the stoppage time being displayed as "infinite." No finite amount of time would be enough to counter the stoppages that marred the game in the first half, say these commentators, and so second-half stoppage time must be extended, forever. And ever. And so the teams play in their endless match, but only in the minds of two bitter microphone jockeys.

With United on their way to Illinois to play the Fire this weekend, the rest of us can watch the highlights of that game, which really did end 13 months ago. D.C. United really did go on to beat Real Salt Lake in the final, hoisting trophy #13, and Ben Olsen really does have his club in prime position to advance to the ConcaChamps knockout rounds. Just don't mention it to those commentators, though.

(Unfortunately, I couldn't find a YouTube clip that included the commentary, so instead you get to watch the version above, which includes footage from LuckyBar, where the team's official watch party was going on.)