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Monday Freedom Kick(er)s: Trophy Tries and Trenchtown

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We look back at the weekend for D.C. United partners and associates while the club gets ready for ConcaChamps, and try to put a baby in you.

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Hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend off from MLS since D.C. United was off, but that was not to say that nothing happened over the weekend from its partners, alumni and affiliates. So let's take a look at some of it:

Richmond Kickers 2-1 Charleston Battery: Magic Matthew Delicate - Black And Red United: Matthew Delicate scored in extra time to lift the Kickers to the next round of the USL PRO playoffs. They will host Harrisburg Saturday at City Stadium, but perhaps the biggest news of the playoff weekend is that they're hosting the game, since Harrisburg upset Orlando City SC 1-0 on the road. Good times to come.

DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson: "Majority of the council supports a subsidy for building a soccer stadium" - Black And Red United: Not entirely sure how much to read into the quote from Chairman Mendelson, but with the news Friday afternoon that District officials and members of D.C. United and Akridge will be part of a Community Open House on September 30, seems like progress, but we'll check the "Zzzz" o-meter.

Sunderland 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur: Black Cats Grab Another Draw - Roker Report: On the partner front, the Black Cats relied on an own goal from Harry Kane late in the game with Spurs to share points yesterday.

Inter Milan vs Sassuolo, final score 7-0: History repeats itself for sorry Sassuolo - Things were much happier for the strategic partner of D.C. United as Mauro Icardi scored a hat trick and Dani Osvaldo comes over from Southampton and adds two more. They'll play Dnipro in the Europa League Thursday.

And speaking of Dnipro, looks like former player Samuel Inkoom made the trip to Jamaica for D.C.'s game against Waterhouse FC, if Bill Hamid's Instragram is to be believed:

Purple & White draw 2-2 on the pitch of Lierse | RSCA.BE: Andy Najar returned to the Anderlecht lineup after dealing with a toe injury and scored a goal which was sadly disallowed for offsides. While Anderlecht came away with a draw they still top the Belgian League standings.

Rochats spätes Tor ins Glück | NEWS | BSC YOUNG BOYS - OFFIZIELLE INTERNETSEITE: In related Black and Red alumni scoring news, Alain Rochat scored with Young Boys over the weekend.

Gus Johnson announces he is stepping down as Fox's No. 1 soccer announcer - Planet Futbol - The reasons Gus appears to cite to bow out of the job are admirable, but more importantly who should Fox look to for their World Cup voice? The choice is big.

Chivas USA may sit out 2015 MLS season after sale, amid rebranding | Brian Straus dropped this nugget about the future of Chivas USA. Feel free to go by SB Nation's The Goat Parade and lend them your shoulder, they may need it.

Jermain Defoe's departure could spur shakeup at TFC - The Globe and Mail: There is a LOT going on in this Toronto FC article. Jermain Dafoe was going out the door if Ryan Nelsen got fired? Turning down more than $4 million for Gilberto? And either of those may not be the biggest surprise.

Premier League road trip, Part 4: Liverpool - In another suggestion about SB Nation, Bill Connelly made a trip to Anfield (part of an ongoing series) that proves to be fascinating and worth the time.

Yallop addresses poor condition of Toyota Park field | Voices: D.C. United plays the Chicago Fire next Saturday. Hey, let's see how the field at Toyota Park loo...oh boy.

The Adolescence of Soccer Stats ": Mike Goodman discusses the slow growth of analytics and where things may be headed next. In related news, KICKTV and Opta put together a short film on this that you may like to see.

The Drop: Not a lyric, but a story set in Brooklyn, written by Dennis Lehane (of "Mystic River" and "Gone Baby Gone" lore), directed by Michael Roskam (of "Bullhead" lore). The film stars Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini in his final film, and they work in a bar in New York. The film is less about the bar and the things that happen in it, and is more on the people there. It is a fascinating look at these characters and the performances are excellent. Additionally, Hardy plays with a pit bull puppy for most of the film, which is guaran-damn-teed to get anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who sees it, some form of pregnancy.

Let's be careful out there today.