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Friday Freedom Kicks: DC United, MLS, FIFA U-20, & Other Important Soccer Links for 8 August 2014

How Freedom Kicks Explains the World

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Do you know what the origin of "Freedom Kicks" is?  Why do we call this amalgamation of soccer-related links, compiled daily for you, whether you are a religious reader or not, an installment of "Freedom Kicks"?

A timely recovery for D.C. United's leading goal-scorer Fabián Espíndola | D.C. United:  The most important news of all.  Fabi.  He's back.  Nearly.  Almost.  Just in time.  Holy cow.

D.C. United acquires David Estrada from Seattle, loses Michael Seaton for month - The Washington Post:  Able-bodied B&RU staffers have already written on this development, but here's the news flash from Goff.

Pep Guardiola incensed by rough play after MLS All-Star Game | For The Win:  The man I now love to hate:  Pep Guardiola.  What a little turd.  Have you seen the gifs and the vines of this primadonna wagging his finger at the MLS All-Star coach - that dude who coaches the Timbers?  I now root for whatever team is playing against whatever team Pep thinks he is "managing."  Incidentally, I've never seen so many dives IN MY LIFE, as the first half of that game versus Bayern Munich.  They were diving like it was second nature (of COURSE, when one is nearly touched by another human being, one should splay oneself across the ground).  I thought these guys were made out of paper!  The slightest touch caused them to collapse and roll.  And yet they looked so stunned by the lack of calls on their dives.  No wonder Alonso (god bless him!) engaged in a light MLS tackle.  Holy sweet mother of Jehoziphat.  The absurdity of this game had no limit.  (And weren't we all proud of how D.C. United played in that game?  Hamid, Franklin, and Boswell - how they manhandled Germany's World Cup team?)

France’s Claire Lavogez lobs in a must-see goal at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup - The Washington Post:  Lots of people talking about this crazy-good chip shot by the French youngster Lavogez.

Andressa: Brazil have an advantage against USA -  Speaking of FIFA U-20.  Here's what they think of our chances tonight versus Brazil.  Watch this game on tv tonight!

LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan will retire after MLS season - SOCCER - Sporting News:  OMG.

False Soccer Data Tripping Up Bookmakers Raise Concerns - Bloomberg: They are making up matches?  I have a very strong feeling that most of Europe = poseurs.  This means that Eurosnobs, turning up their noses to earnest American soccer fans in favor of whatever crap is happening across the pond, are simply putting poseurs on a pedestal -- because Eurosnobs themselves are the world's greatest poseurs.

Sierra Leone cancels all soccer matches because of Ebola - Planet Futbol -  There's a soccer angle to every world-historical event.

Palestine football legend Zaqout killed in Gaza conflict -  See?

Qatar Invests In Israeli Soccer Despite Gaza And War Of Words With Jerusalem - Analysis | Eurasia Review:  Yup.

In the Arab world, does World Cup soccer trump the Gaza war? | JPost | Israel News:  Uh -huh.

Killed For Love of Soccer - International Middle East Media Center:  And this.

Soccer fans go Gaza for Gazza | The Times of Israel:  Are you kidding me?

Will soccer be a casualty of Ukraine’s turmoil? | Al Jazeera America:  Or more pointedly, will news from Ukraine be a casualty of soccer?

Ukraine, Russia Spar Over Soccer in Crimea - ABC News:  Of course, they spar over soccer in Crimea.

Soccer star who became Ukrainian citizen is drafted to fight rebels | New York Post:  Brazil versus Russia!

Soccer team in Ukraine war zone changes homes | Sports:  We'll play with our ball over here in this field, thank you very much.

What do you know?