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Monday Freedom Kicks: Paid Back in Full

Recaps galore, looking at Sunshine, and loving Leather...face.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was no fun, let's hope we never go through that again, shall we? Past the links of course.

Recaps of the D.C. United 3-0 shutout loss to Real Salt Lake by usMLSsoccer.comWashington PostCSN WashingtonDSPSoccer Wire and DC United Outsider. From the low ABV side, RSL Soapbox has the claret and cobalt side. This was bad.

That time when Eddie Johnson responded to D.C. United fans on Twitter. - Black And Red United: This, was worse.

Down a level, Richmond held off Charlotte 2-1 to move within a point of Orlando City, who the Kickers still give two games to. Recaps by us and the Kickers.

D.C. United enters into a partnership with Sunderland AFC - Black And Red United: Announced on Friday, clearly ex-Metro Jozy Altidore must be at fault for Saturday.

Portland Timbers' 80th minute melody: For Timber Jim, 'You Are My Sunshine' evolves toward happiness | A little bit of background to a staple of the Timbers Army playlist.

San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Jon Busch: A hero between the posts - Center Line Soccer: Kind of sad Jon Busch was discarded by Chicago and is largely unrecognized in San Jose. Hopefully this helps.

A request to MLS fans who take photos at games : MLS: Like reddit and Wikipedia? Hook up your MLS players with some recognition.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Blu-rays Detailed: Normally this space is reserved for artsy stuff, but the original TCSM remains something that is chilling in its straightforward storytelling. There is (yet another) Blu-ray release for the movie and this time, they've put together some kitschy extras that look good. An additional RIP to Marilyn Burns, who played Sally in the original and died Tuesday at the age of 65.

Do the dance of the saw this Monday.