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DC United, Washington Spirit, & Sundry Soccer Links for 1 August 2014

The Washington Spirit and DC United are headed for the playoffs if they keep this up, while Brian Ching is headed for the woodshed in Eddie Johnson's twitter feed.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's a great time to be alive if you're a DC soccer fan.  Both our men and women are on a hot streak straight for the playoffs.

Photos: D.C. United vs. Toronto FC: DCist:  In addition to posting some pretty pictures, the DCist notes the ticketing debacle at the very non-debacle of a game Wednesday night.

Eddie Johnson rips Brian Ching for critical comments in Twitter tirade |  Sports Illustrated has the whole exchange.  EJ knows how to bring it on the twitter.

Stayin' Alive: Spirit Win 2-1 Over FC Kansas City:  The other big Wednesday night game moved the Spirit up a notch, from fourth to third, as the second season comes rapidly to a close.  Only three games left.  Top four go to playoffs.  B&RU's Hobgood has the recap.

NWSL ROUNDUP  Reign clinch the Shield:  Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe have led the Reign to take the NWSL's second season Shield.  And here's Rapinoe pulling an Espindola in this week's game:  was it a cross or a shot?

Megan Rapinoe says playing a World Cup on turf is 'bullshit' -  Speaking of Rapinoe, she calls it what it is, this FIFA thing with the turf for women only.  They won't even have turf in Qatar, where grass doesn't naturally grow.  They will have grass, watered with the blood, sweat, and tears of South Asian slaves - er, I'm sorry, indentured servants -- oops, I mean, GUEST worker (if by "guest" you mean someone you invited to your home, then stole his car keys and drivers license and told him he couldn't leave until he finished building you a stadium in your backyard for free).

Second thing Brian Ching doesn’t like: NWSL cooling breaks | ProSoccerTalk:  Brian Ching realized he can get in the news by talking about things he doesn't like.

'It will be a massive force' - Tim Cahill proud of Major League Soccer's growth -  Cahill says the salary cap is holding back the MLS (from what?  from having the same three or four teams that always and invariably finish at the top every year?).

What stories you got?