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Friday Freedom Kicks: Our Trigger-Happy Washington Spirit

Seriously, Jermaine Jones? Or are you just playing with us?

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Did you think that Freedom Kicks would take the day off because it's the Fourth of July?  Nonsense.  On Independence Day, Freedom Simply Kicks a Little Harder.

Eventful night ends in tie for Spirit -- Gazette.Net: Holy Spirit!  What a game at the Plex this week.  The Spirit give up 2 goals in the first seven minutes of play.  Then they proceeded to outshoot the Boston Breakers 22 shots to 8.  Three penalty kicks, five yellow cards, and one red card later -- and the third place Spirit came back to  finish with a 3-3 draw.  It's thrilling to have one of our teams be so offensive-minded.

Sounders at DC United, community player ratings - Sounder At Heart:  Our Sounders counterparts take a look at how their guys played against our Black and Red.

Deadly World Cup Legacy Continues As Overpass Collapses In Brazilian Host City | The Nation:  The World Cup, they say, is totally worth it for the host country because it results in these infrastructure projects that outlast the event itself and benefit all the people for years to come.  Ancillary infrastructural legacies like this overpass, yeah?

World Cup: Is USMNT's Jermaine Jones campaigning for a move to MLS ... on Instagram? | SIDELINE |  I can't even.  He's probably just messing with all of us.  Making our hearts go aflutter.  But still.  That would be an incredible boon for MLS and whatever team landed him.  Are you joshing us, Jones?  Don't even.  But come to think of it - all of our USMNT players who are playing in Europe (or Turkey-Europe) have got to be envying their teammates who are returning to MLS - and all the love they'll get here when they get back on the pitch stateside.  Who adores Tim Howard more?  Everton fans or USMNT fans right now?

World Cup run may be over, but U.S. soccer is here to stay - NY Daily News:  This includes a great rundown of all the international tournaments between now and World Cup 2018 (in Putin's Russia!).  Little things like the Women's World Cup next summer - which YOU CAN DRIVE TO.  Copa America, which will be played here in the USA for the first time ever, the following year.  And on and on.

World Cup: Predicting the 2018 USMNT roster | Armchair Analyst |  It's never too early to start obsessing about the 2018 roster.

Cedella Marley Helping Jamaican Women's Soccer Team Reach World Cup :  The stuff that women's soccer teams must go through to get some decent training and coaching services for an event as big as the World Cup, is just outrageous.  Bob Marley's daughter is helping Team Jamaica raise $50,000 so they can get through the next qualifying round.  This reminds me:  Equal Play FC.

Keith Hickey: Jurgen Klinsmann must deliver fifth game in 2018 -  These colors don't run, but our patience will.  And, if there's one thing Jurgen wants, he wants USMNT fans to hold USMNT accountable.

No evidence of corruption involving Cameroon, FIFA says - Latest News -  A "notorious match fixer" from Singapore precisely predicts the result of a game.  Suspicious?  Don't you worry your pretty little heads - FIFA is on the case!  And FIFA says it's all cool.  So have another beer.

Emocionante Mundial: Costa Rica vivió el mejor día de su vida | Mundo D:  Finally, the Costa Ricans are giving us a run for our money when it comes to stirring, emotional videos of fans watching an international game.  Here's what appears to be all of Costa Rica watching the shootout with Greece.  It's really good.  And I'm ready to get fully behind our CONCACAF compatriots.

You know what to do.  Besides commenting on anything soccerific below, root for Los Ticos.