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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS and college soccer links for July 29

Too much Freedom to summarize in just one blurb.

Okay, it's pretty big, I guess.
Okay, it's pretty big, I guess.
Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Our photo editing tool here at B&RU is generally automatically populated with the best recent shots related to D.C. United, but due to a glitch, we didn't get any photos from Saturday's did-it-happen-or-didn't-it friendly against Fulham. Until now. The video board that provided the impetus for the weekend's madness is shown above. I have no idea what "Jacksonville in motion" could possibly mean. Enough stalling, there's a lot to get through this morning. To the links!

Injury Update: July 28, 2014 | D.C. United
Fabian Espindola is back to full training! Chris Pontius can jog! Lee Ki-Je is on trial! Good news abounds! Except that Jeff Parke is dealing with migraines and is now out indefinitely, which is sad news for him and for the team. Migraines suck. More details on Parke from Steve Goff, who notes the possible connection to concussions. Concussions suck.

Hamid enjoying breakout season for surging D.C. United | Soccer By Ives
B&RU alum (Primtime) Mitchell Northam chats with Bill Hamid about his 100th pro appearance, the rest of his season, the team's season, the coaches' season, duck season, wabbit season and more.

Eastern Conference points plot as of 7/27/14 | Imgur
Via r/MLS, here's a plot of each Eastern Conference team's points after each game - basically, a way to graphically look at the season-to-date while taking MLS' infamous calendar issues out of the equation. What this tells me is that Montreal is really bad, and the Eastern Conference is already a 2-horse race between DCU and SKC.

Where does the Revolution's Losing Streak fit in MLS History? | The Bent Musket
The New England Revolution are, in one respect anyway, worse than D.C. United were in 2013. The Revs have now lost eight straight (United's longest losing streak last year was seven), and Seth Macomber tries to put it into historical perspective. I especially appreciate this article because it reminds us that Danny Koevermans was once was a thing.

How the CONCACAF Champions League benefits the Union | Brotherly Game
The Union stand to benefit from the fact that four Eastern Conference teams will be spending the back half of the season not only dealing with league play but also ConcaChamps. Good read from hunkleberryfinn.

Is men’s college soccer about to undergo big changes? Many hope so. | The Washington Post
Steve Goff checks in on some major proposals to reshape the college game, including a longer season tracking the academic year, rather than the four-month sprint that teams currently undergo each fall, something our own Ryan Bacic teed up back in June for the Baltimore Sun. Bonus: Kevin Payne sighting!

DeMerit's Legacy | Eighty Six Forever
Jay DeMerit's playing career is over. The Green Bay native announced his retirement this week, and Jorge Mendoza takes the occasion to look at what the center back has meant to the Vancouver Whitecaps.

MLS and its personality problem | The 91st Minute
Some insights here from Will Parchman, who laments (and excuses) the league's lack of larger-than-life personalities, saying, in effect, "give it time." As with all things, time and money (in the form of growing salaries that will be outrageous within our lifetimes) will cure this ill.

Mix-Minus Podcast | Matthew McQueeny: #65: Alecko Eskandarian
Listen to Esky talk about his upbringing, his time at D.C. United and more on this podcast, hosted by a high school classmate of the one-time MLS Cup winner.

The European soccer transfer market, explained |
Soccer transfers are confusing. Andi Thomas holds our collective hand and walks us through the process.

Internet expertly trolls Frank Lampard's Twitter chat #AskLamps |
We close with a man who was subject to transfer rumors for years and years. This is the time when the Internet asked Frank Lampard about lamps. Good work, Internet.