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Freedom Kicks for 10 July 2014: Orlando City SC, Phil Mendelson, and physics of a ball

All the news that you need to know.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday has been sneaking up on me recently, so apologies for the late Freedom Kicks. Let's just get right into it.

Argentina 0-0 Holland | World Cup semi-final report (Argentina win 4-2 on penalties) | Football | The Guardian: That little tournament called the World Cup is still happening, and these two teams combined for less goals in the penalty shootout than Germany did all by themselves the day before.

Phil Mendelson appoints significant other to help judge soccer-stadium contract - The Washington Post: Mendelson appoints his significant other to the panel that will choose the group that reviews the D.C. United stadium deal. Regardless of her qualifications, it just looks bad.

Letter from Orlando City Founder & President Phil Rawlins: Orlando City SC has finally responded to what their fans did in the game against the Tampa Bay Rowdies. In doing so, they have indefinitely banned the four fans arrested from their games and temporarily suspended their two supporters groups until a code of conduct is written for them. According to reports, some Orlando City fans started fights with Rowdies fans, set off smoke bombs, chanted and had a banner that said "puto," and demonstrated all types of poor behavior.

Detroit soccer fans' stirring gesture honors slain referee | Fans of the NPSL's Detroit City FC honor a local referee who was killed after red carding a player in a rec league match.

28 photos from La Sele’s homecoming party in Costa Rica on Tuesday — The Tico Times: The Tico's get a champions welcome in Costa Rica.

American Exports: Oguchi Onyewu reportedly on the way out at Sheffield Wednesday | Where will Gooch end up? Hopefully not with D.C. United.

Why the World Cup Suddenly Has So Many Goals - Issue 15: Turbulence - Nautilus: A NASA physicist analyzes this year's World Cup ball.

And finally, while there was much consternation, Bill Hamid and Collin Martin cannot make the MLS Homegrown game due to schedule concerns: